Unable to connect to Nextcloud Notes app


I’m trying to connect my ecloud account to Nextcloud Notes app. However I encountered an error

" Invalid login: URL/Server has errors"

Here’s the details i put in

server: https://drive.ecloud.global
username: my e.email address
password: my password

When I tried to login to web browser it works.


Hi @spg we are resolving an issue in Notes app and also there are some changes taking place on the eCloud. The notes app issue should be resolved with the next build. We will come out with an announcement when the issue is resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello @Manoj I see. That’s why when i type e.email in the address bar it goes directly to ecloud drive and the email can be found at the top. It’s a good idea that all your apps/files are in one place like a dashboard.

Hopefully the issue will resolve soon.



@Manoj @spg

I noticed your login (despite it’s an email) is case sensitive

Login@e.email won’t work
while login@e.email will work

Also, for your credential login page let you to choose between login and email
it’s wrong, only email is working.
@Manoj if you could forward this to /e/ NextCloud admins