Unable to Display "Desirable" Ads

I’m having a counterintuitive issue with ads. Normally, you don’t want to see ads. However, there are some applications, notably WebToons, which require that you watch an ad to read ahead of the currently released “installment”. This functionality is not working in /e/ since the release of Android “S”(12). I stayed with Android “R” (11) for quite some time and hoped the issue had been resolved in Android “T” (13) but upgrading showed that the problem remains. Since /e/ is based on LineageOS, I switched to the latest version of that ROM (no GAPPS) and found that the WebToons ad issue was not present. I am planning to remain on LineageOS until this issue can be resolved.

There is something missing or some setting which needs tweaking to restore this functionality. Any assistance would be helpful.

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Hej, I sometimes use WebToons app to read dinosaur couch.

Which one does need ads? Would like to test it.

Actually, a lot of them allow you to read ahead by watching ads. My daughter got me into Webtoons about 2 years ago and I’ve been a fan ever since.

It’s the ones that say “‘X’ Coins or watch an ad” or, for completed series, Webtoons will give you a chance to purchase single or multiple episodes or watch an ad to see the episode you’re on.

By the way you can’t buy episodes / coins on the phone through Webtoons without the GSF but you can purchase episodes / coins on their website if you have an account.

Some of them are:

  • The Crown Princess Scandal
  • Hero the Maximum
  • The Top Dungeon Farmer
  • The Greatest Estate Developer (This one is excellent)
  • Nano Machine

I am using a Moto One 5G Ace (Kiev / XT2113-2). If you are on a different phone and you don’t have that problem, it can be narrowed down to this specific build.

Edit: just read:

Do I need account for that? Don’t have one and don’t really wanna create one to test it…

You would need an account if you want to buy coins or save what you’ve subscribed to or where you have read to. Apparently, you don’t need an account just to read - at least the Canvas section. I’ve always used it with a Webtoons account so I don’t know much about navigating without one. Can you see any of the stories I’ve posted?