Unable to find app in app lounge

How do i request a new app to be added to the app lounge? You used to be able to request it via the app lounge app, but this seems to have been removed?


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There is no need for it anymore. App Lounge uses all appy available on Play Store. If you are missing an app the it might be georestricted. Can you write the name and the packagename?

Hi, the app is called Health365
package name is com.advancemedical.health365

Ok, i cleared the cache for app lounge, now the app is showing

Good to know that the cache sometimes needs to be cleared. Please mark your comment as a ‘Solution’ for others. And maybe change the title to ‘Can’t find…’ or something similar

I had to do this as well a few days ago for big apps like Whastapp, Messenger, etc.
Except I went further and totally erased App Lounge data, good to know that cache is enough.

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