Unable to force ipv4 connection, VPN not working

Updated OnePlus Nord to android 12
Some things work better, some things work worse
One thing that is working worse is VPN; Private Internet Access (PIA)
VPN will connect and function until a reconnect is needed when it will then not be able to connect until reinstalled.
VPN provider suggested forcing an IPV4 connection
When attempting this, device reverts to IPV6 automatically
Service provider (T-Mobile) is unable to set from the provider side.

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On all of my ROMs for years I change the APNs to IPv4. Never have they ever reverted.
That’s strange.

Might not help but what if you change the APN value fast.t-mobile.com to fast.tmobile.com.
An old habit from the KitKat days that I stuck with.

Good idea.
Tried and it also reverts
type in new name, change screens, come back to menu and its changed.

Forgive me for asking but do you save the APN after editing? Settings won’t stick unless saved from the three-dot menu.

Another thing to try, if possible, is create a new APN with the settings you want and then select it. See if that one sticks.

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Ah good catch.
Am able to save which does fix the reverting.
sadly doesn’t fix the VPN connection issue though

I went through almost every section of the PIA Knowledgebase but couldn’t find anything useful for this case.

A couple of things on the ROM side, maybe.
The important one is ‘Prvate DNS’. That should be off when using third party tools like a VPN, DNSCrypt, etc… Otherwise it causes conflicts.
If it is on then after turning off it might be a good idea to reboot to clear the DNS cache.

The other ‘DNS’ setting is usually good with the default ‘Use network DNS’.

I was hoping PIA had a free trial so I could test. Don’t think they do.

Surely this was checked out already ? … Advanced Privavy is known to have " Side effects" on VPN.

Selected Off instead of automatic for private DNS setting
rebooted phone, cant connect.
reverted, rebooted, no change/ cant connect
I do believe PIA has a free trial;
If the app is installed, the first screen is a log-in which prompts for either login or “start 7 day free trial”

yep, love Advanced Privacy. As I’m using a VPN, I use just the tracker blocking and not the location or real ip exposed sliders. Sometimes I do use the location one but either way, not the ip one.
Also to re-state, this issue has only been since I updated to 12

Coincidently, when I went to get PIA from Aurora Store, one of the three reviews was someone having what seems like the same connect/reconnect iissue you are having.

As far as testingi I cannot. On five devices I can’t get past the first screen. Tried while on Wi-Fi (T-Mobile) or SIM (various data only and one T-Mobile). With and without any VPNs or the like. Androids 8, 9, 10, and 11. Two are /e/OS.
In the U.S. and quite sure PIA works here.

Sorry, can’t help reproduce. :frowning:

Interesting, same problem but worse.
I think I have a ticket raised w /e/
Oh also FYI pia says to use APK install in order to enable mace.

Thanks for that. Don’t know how I missed the apk download. Got it.

Tested over a day on OnePlus 8T with crDroid A11 and Teracube with /e/OS 1.10-r. Working well with no connection or reconnection issues.
I would switch between wifi & cell, some reboots, try wireguard and openvpn. So far so good.

Since I’m not using A12 the comparison doesn’t really help though.

Just thought of something. Maybe try the OpenVPN client with PIA profiles. Just for testing the ROM’s VPN and network behavior.
Though to be honest the OpenVPN client has been a bit iffy for me over the past year with regards to staying connected.

Ah yeah it worked fine on previous versions of /e/ and android. Issue is only present on 12.
Definitely ran through all the options of protocols and ports etc. Neither /e/ nor pia supports were able to resolve it. Installed nord yesterday and have no issues.

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