Unable to get past flash step on oneplus nord ac2003

Unable to get past flash step on oneplus nord ac2003
unlocked bootloader, etc.
devices appears in adb list beofre booting into bootloader menu
but doesnt after rebooting into bootloader.
When attempting to type: fastboot flash recovery “xxxrecoveryimage” I get error: cannot load “xxx”

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So looks like you got msm working in the end.

fastboot devices 

should return output in terminal of device number and “fastboot”.
If no output it means fastboot not connecting properly.

ah well, I cant take credit for it. Ahmed? I think posted the correct msm tool version and from there it was simple.
device does show in fastboot but not adb

So fastboot is communicating (although you say the opposite in your first post…it’s not clear)

You don’t say which eos version you are attemting to install but I’m going to assume the penultimate build on the downloads page?

Try an older build and recovery.

no it says clearly what the error is.
When typing fastboot devices, it does return the device id.
Adb devices doesnt return anything however.
for additional context, adb devices does retunr the device when the device is running normally- not in recovery mode
Im wondering if theres a correct way to enter the file name perhaps?

To flash a custom recovery on your device the command, issued with device in fastboot mode, would be similar to this (depends on the os version you are trying to install):

fastboot flash recovery recovery-e-0.23-q-20220401175186-dev-avicii.img

PS adb commands in terminal won’t work with device in fastboot mode

murena successfully implemented.
What I did was type the “fastboot flash recovery” command and drag and drop the file into it so that it filled the name correctly. I will suggest this for the documentation.