Unable to install apps on a fairphone 4 with /e/OS v1.17

I just received a new fairphone 4, but I’m not able to install apps. When I try, it acts like it’s downloading the app, but after the download gets to 100% the install fails as it says “retry”. It doesn’t announce any error, though, it just doesn’t install the app. I ran the updater, which updated the OS, but this didn’t help. I also cleared the data and cache for the app lounge, but this didn’t help either. So far I’ve been only trying to install free apps, and I’m logged in as anonymous. I’d be grateful for any suggestions!

You might check out the (two part) answer I provided here Need help: Issue with lounge app by app installation - #2 by aibd

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Ah, that helped! In Settings->Advanced Privacy->Manage My Internet Address, I had checked “Hide my real IP address”. When I switched this to “Use my real IP address”, I was able to install apps. Thanks!

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