Unable to install wordpress app from App Lounge

When you search with “wordpress” keyword in AppLounge, the offical wordpress app does not show up

If you search with its package name (“org.wordpress.android”), it appears, but the Install button displays “N/A”. If you click on it, it says (that’s in French because my OS is configured in French):

Application non supportée!
L’application Wordpress - Création de sites n’est pas supportée actuellement. Cela peut être dû au fait que l’application n’est pas encore publiée largement ou à une autre erreur.

NB: I could manually install this app with Aurora store

Do you have a Google account to test with?

For me I have seen the N/A thing when using Anonymous. With a G account an app will then be installable.

Wordpress shows up in a search also. When I went back to Anonymous, and cleared cache for testing, it did not show up. Had to use package name also.
But it was installable either way.

No, I don’t.

And yes, I was using AppLounge and Aurora with anonymous login.

AppLounge 2.5.1 on /e/ OS v1.11 on FP3

For some reason, the problem has disappeared on my phone.

To double-check, I’ve removed the data of AppLounge and tried again (with anonymous login). It works again, too.


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