Unable to select folder with default "Files" app - workaround?

I’d like to add a folder to my Syncthing-Fork synchronization app.

To select the folder, the app opens a file manager, in my case the default “Files” app. Files allows me to navigate to the desired folder and then…nothing. There is no UI interaction (tap, long-tap, swipe) that allows me to confirm my selection. It seems that Syncthing-Fork opens Files in a restricted, folder-selection-only mode, which does not work as it should (because for comparison, if I open Files standalone, I have lots more UI interaction options)

I have another file manager that would work (Simple File Manager), but Syncthing-Fork always opens “Files app”.

  • I have looked for ways to change the “default file manager app”, but couldn’t find anything in settings
  • I have looked at the (android system) advanced app settings in Syncthing-Fork, but could not associate a specific file manager with it
  • I have looked in Syncthing-Fork’s own app settings, and could not find any option to change this behavior
  • I have tried to disable Files temporarily in order to force the use of another file manager, but this option is disabled (phone isn’t rooted, and should stay that way)

Any idea on how to solve or work around this?

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I am seeing the same problem after upgrading my Xiaomi Mi 5 gemini to the newly released 0.14-q.

Not only can I not select a folder when forked to File Manager from another app, but when in File Manager if I select ‘New Folder’ a pop up appears with the title NewFolder and a blank space underneath it. It is not possible to enter the new folder name.

It is rather inconvenient since it is preventing me from completing the migration of my phone to q.

I have found a workaround. There is an open bug report

The solution is to select the Dark theme in Settings>Display
It is then possible to select folders in File Manager.

The Dark Theme has its own problems. Folder names appear as very dark grey on a black background. Virtually invisible! but at least it is possible to use the file manager.

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Turns out you can select a folder even in non-dark theme, if you know where to click. There is a blank area at the bottom of the app which contains the invisible "“allow access” button.