Unable to sens message to +33 6 or 33 6 in France

I’m a french user of /e/os with the 1.7 version on a Redmi Xiaomi Note 7.
And I’m happy to use it.

Since about may 2022, maybe after an update from /e/os, I cannot send phone message to french people who used phone number like +33 6 XXXXX. (33 is the international prefix phone number for France)
Before this update, everything was working fine.

If I rename their number with 06 XXX in their contact address, I can send message.

If someone phone me with the +33 6 XXX, of 33 6 XXX, I can abort the call and send an automatical message, which is sending. But If I try to write a direct message, /e/Os say me, there is a problem :

failed to send, press to retry

For some of my friend I’ve got the messages that they send me from their phone number like 33 6 XXX.
And on another contact (for the same friends without 33), my answers. It’s crazy. I cannot really answer to their message.

I compare my parameters, like APN, with friends who use /e/os too, but I cannot find any differences.
I try to change the default application like QKSMS, but any change.

apart from that, everything is working fine.

Have you got a idea, to solve this problem ?

Thanks a lot.

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