Unable to update/install Android System WebView


I’m using the latest Q build of /e/OS on my FP3+. In my Work Profile I need WebView for certain apps. Recently I noticed that I am not longer able to update it. Using Apps, it simply says the package is incompatible. Using Aurora Store it gets more specific, noting that a shared library is missing, com.google.android.trichromelibrary this is. I had hopes for a clean install and uninstalled WebView, but the problem remains, I am not able to reinstall it. It seems to have something to do with new software architectures under Android 10. Does anybody know anything about this? A workaround? Where can I get the missing Trichrome Library? Is it save to use? I also read about the alternative Chromium WebView, but wasn’t able to track it down. Where to get this? Can apps relying on Android WebView work with Chromium WebView?

Thanks for your time & effort

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Same problem here. Can anybody help?

It seems to be a part of the system’s applications, it must be updated in part of the system update.

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Since last update I have the same problem, but with a different appearance: the WebView app prevents error-free network usage, e.g. certain server accesses (ping etc.) can no longer be performed. Are there already work-arounds for this?

To test the malfunction you simply try the Lichess app, the menu contains a PING info label, this shows “?”. I suspect the background is a too strict security setting of the component.

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Thank you for the anwer!
I need an updated WebView for the app Obsidian. It worked for months but after the newsest update it doesn’t sync anymore and can’t display web pages. I guess that because of the WebView component.

I have seen a module in the Magisk app raported to web-view