Unable to Upgrade S9 to Android 10

Hi all,

I am a happy /e/ user for quite some time and finally found the time to look into the upgrade process to upgrade from Android 8 to 10.

As far as I understood there should be the possibility to upgrade via OTA. But that option cannot be found in the “Settings-Software Update” menu.
So far I checked the existing How-Tos and digged in the forum but without success.

Could someone please give me a hint on how the upgrade needs to be done?

Thanks in advance!

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For most devices, Android version upgrades are not possible via OTA. OTA can only install 'same Android version` updates.

According to the latest ` Development and Testing Updates

So, if your device is an S7 or S7 edge, then you should be able to do the upgrade OTA. For other devices, not.

OK, thanks for the reply!

So for my S9 the only option to upgrade is setting it back to vendor ROM and the do a new install, right?

Is there an Android 10 / Q build for you device? If there is, then you should be able to install it manually using adb and TWRP, without going back to the stock firmware in between. Though you will probably need to wipe your data partition, and lose all your installed apps and user data

But check /e/'s install instructions for your device: Samsung phones can be “special” :slight_smile:

OK, thanks again. I will check, backup, try and most likely will try again :smiley: