Week 22, 2022: Development and Testing Updates

Builds and Releases


Status: :green_circle: Undergoing Testing

  • v1.0 is due for release this week on 31 May, 2022

  • The code name for this release is Alicante

  • Read details on a live v1.0 release presentation in the section Interested in knowing more about v1.0 ?

  • Devices on R, Q and Pie (Android 11, 10 and 9 )will get the v1.0

  • Samsung s7 / s7 edge will be OTA upgraded as part of v1.0

  • Remaining Oreo and Nougat devices will unfortunately not get the update. See details in the section marked Oreo and Nougat devices

  • Milestone details here

  • Some issues in the gitlab will not be visible to all and may be confidential.

    :nerd_face: Confidential issues contain user logs or user device information. Dev team when working on a new feature mark it confidential during the development phase.

  • Bugs pending in the /e/OS gitlab post v1.0 release will be prioritizing by the dev team.

  • GSI builds will be available even after release of v1.0

    • Sources of last GSI release are available here

Interested in knowing more about v1.0 ?

Join our presentation that goes out live on 31 May, 2022

In the presentation, find out what is new in v1.0 and get an insight into our plans for 2022 !!!


Update 31 May

  • v1.0 released

OS versions released

  • /e/OS R

  • /e/OS Q

Yet to be released

  • /e/OS Pie

Update 1 June

Bad news and good news
v1.0 upgrades will not be coming to devices currently on Pie + Oreo + Nougat
We will identify all devices which can be upgraded to Q or R or the later version S ( /e/OS yet to be ported).
s7 / s7+ upgrade will be released on v1.0 build.

Update 3 June s7 / s7+ OTA OS upgrade release moved to early next week.

New devices being added, existing devices being upgraded

  • This is the list of devices we will add or the device codes of existing one that will be upgraded.
  • These builds will come along with the v1.0
  • OS version on these new devices will be /e/OS R

Update 1 June
The devices in this list have been released / upgraded. You can manually download the builds by searching for your device here
One build failed…surya. Will update on when we can release this device.

Oreo and Nougat devices

  • We will try to upgrade devices where possible. Builds failed for devices on these two operating systems. We may eventually drop support for devices stuck on Oreo and Nougat. While the device trees will still be available on Gitlab user with ROM building skills can continue building for these devices. Newly released applications like App Lounge and the soon-to-be released Privacy central have not been backported to Oreo and Nougat. Volunteers with the skill and bandwidth to backport these applications are welcome.
  • Users willing to take up the task of ROM Maintainers please let me know.

Guidelines for ROM Builders - Unofficial and Custom

  • Docker image was updated recently
  • If you use Docker for your builds, upgrade to this Docker build before running your custom-builds.
  • Those building using traditional repo sync method refer android_prebuilts_prebuiltapks_lfs
    • You will have to install git-lfs (sudo apt-get install git-lfs)
    • After completing a repo sync, you will have to run repo forall -c 'git lfs pull'

:nerd_face: Reason behind these changes:

eCloud Maintenance of 26 May

A planned maintenance activity on the eCloud on the 26th of May took longer than expected. The team has completed the resolution.

We apologize for the inconvenience cause to our email and cloud storage users.

eCloud data leak issue

An issue was reported by a couple of users of being able to view data of other users on their ecloud account. That this happened right after the eCloud upgrade resulted in the two getting linked.

The infra team clarified that the two issues were not linked.

The infra team identified the issue and has rectified it. A detailed explanation will be shared by the team at the earliest possible. The team is aware of the seriousness of the issue and will take remedial steps to avoid a repeat of such occurrences in the future. We will also share all details as possible of the action taken with users. Read Gaël’s response on this issue

June 1 Update
We will be sharing an update on this later today. Rest assured, the issue has been taken seriously by the team and details of the actions will be shared in the update.

Development Activity

Status: :green_circle: In Progress

A summary of issues dev team is investigating or working on given here

  • Bliss launcher upgrading and existing issue resolution
  • eDrive code refactoring to optimize the application
  • Updating Applications where forked …ongoing task
  • EasyInstaller to adapt to upgrade OS builds…investigation only

This is a subset of what the team is working on. Most of these tasks are under development and testing phase. Some of the issues will be confidential and not visible to all users.


:loudspeaker: Roadmap 2022

:loudspeaker: Teracube 2e and emerald
Teracube users please note there are two different versions of the device now. 2020 released devices are classified as 2e on our site, and those released in 2021 are code named emerald. We have added a warning in the guides to help users. 2e guide and emerald guide.

:loudspeaker: Gigaset GS290

  • We have stopped the sales of the Gigaset GS290 on the eSolutionsShop as the vendor has stopped production of the device. We will continue support for existing users.

:loudspeaker: Message being shared on the request of our vendor partners

  • Vendors whose phones we sell on our eSolutions Store do not directly sell /e/OS flashed devices.
  • The vendors only sell their devices with their own stock ROM.
  • To get pre flashed /e/OS phones, you have to purchase them from the eSolutions Shop.

:loudspeaker: /e/OS Pre flashed device sales

  • We sell directly in EU, US, Canada.
  • Find details of what devices are available in which countries here eSolutions Shop.
  • In Australia we do not sell directly. You can purchase preflashed /e/OS devices from this site

:loudspeaker: Porting and New Devices

  • Efforts to port new devices continue and details will be shared once we have working builds available :crossed_fingers:

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  • Facing issues with devices you purchased from us ? Send a mail with details to <helpdesk@e.email>


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With all due respect for the understandable excitement about V1.0 … is it really necessary to block the download of existing builds already?

Every download page I tried looks like this currently …

… and that’s all there is. About 16 hours to go.

It looks like they are trolling us :joy:

How so?
It’s fair to point to this milestone coming soon, but it would be nice to either let users still download the existing builds, or give a reason why this isn’t possible until then.
Could be maintenance or migration to new download infrastructure, but we can’t know if they don’t tell.

I just found time on my hands to update my devices to the available May 13 Q builds, and it seems I managed to download them just before the placeholder page went live (I really like to have them on my computer just in case. Phew!). Otherwise I wouldn’t be a particularly happy bunny right now :slight_smile: .

Nice you managed just in time. My comment was a bit of a joke. /e/ 1.0 is everywhere…
Just out of curiosity, the logo in MurEna (on the countdown page) looks something like new /e/ logo could be. But on the page for images (images.ecloud.global), the logo is the “old” one. Maybe change in logo is coming? :thinking:

Huh? What is MurEna? Have I missed anything? :star_struck:
New Name, new logo? Why constant renaming? I still know eelo and thought /e/ was good.

There are v1.0 builds which are running and accordingly placed on the images server. The team is doing some clean up and will accordingly be removing some older builds to conserve space. It will take some time and should be available later today.


Murena is the brand name …you can check the announcement here

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Where can I find the link or page for today’ s event and activities going on !

In the first post of this topic, section “Interested in knowing more about v1.0 ?”, link is the livestream event picture there. Else … https://launch.murena.com/

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The image has the link. You can click on it to go straight to the site.

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Good job on V1 Alicante! However the Mail app is buggy now. It does not show colors for contacts and different accounts anymore.

Very good job for 1.0 !

just one or two things :
why the presentation of multiple account disappeared ? With 0.23 we had color chips for each account and now, only one in black.

for the bliss presentation, how can I move the widget (not remove), only move one at the top of another ?
I tried modify (nothing), press a long time (nothing), …

but all my apps were kept and work !

Go on edit of widget, delete and add in order you want. I know it’s a workaround, but it works :smiley:

1.0 has been great so far, and I’m loving the new Advanced Privacy setting. Only hiccup is that my fingerprint reader isn’t working anymore. I’ve attached a screenshot below, with the message I see each time I unlock the phone. My device is a OnePlus 8T.

If you are speaking of the Mail app, then this is a change that was made in the K-9 Mail app, which is what /e/'s Mail app is based on

I hope you are right and this only concerns the mail application. I have a FairPhone 3 with multiple user accounts and did not receive an update notification yet (although I searched manually). I currently run 0.23 pie. Is there an automatic update to 1.0 q or r? Do I need to perform some steps manually to upgrade without loosing any profiles and app data on the phone?
I need multiple accounts on my phone, if they are gone or lost during an update, my phone is basically useless.

Thus far 1.0 looks very impressive! Especially the Advanced Privacy settings.
With that functionality, is there any point in me utilizing Proton VPN and NextDNS, or are those features baked into /e/ now?

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:+1: yes it works ! many thanks

Thank you very much update to V 1.0 went fine without any problem. great work!