'unbloody' re-lock of Pixel 3 bootloader possible?

Hi, I’m pretty happy with e/OS on my Pixel 3.
However, checking the SafetyNet attestation gives me a warning because the Bootloader is unlocked. I can’t install some banking apps; the SafetyNet issue could be why.
Is there any way to lock the bootloader again; without losing e/OS, all apps, and data?
Best, Robert

Hi @RobertMX From my experience it is not the locked bootloader it is the ‘dev’ version. I have a pixel 4a with ‘stable’ and the bootloader is open and a certain banking app works. It did not on my phone before with ‘dev’.

Magisk app and its Shamiko module and Universal-Safetynet-Fix module can help to hide that.

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Dear @piero l want to try that! Is there an easy/safe method to install Magisk on e?

I tested the version from e’s app store, but cannot figure out how it works. For installation, it wants to patch a file??? Which??? Why??? The second option: installing the app, downloads about 10.9 Mb and hangs there…

Thanks for sharing your experience, @mihi ! How did you get the stable version on your phone? By flushing again, or by a ‘normal’ system release?

Yeah, the devica has a ‘stable’ build, Pixel 3 has not so I your option is the one piero suggested

[Howto] install magisk and hide that OS have been modified

Hi @piero I’m using a dev version of e/OS (installed manually) and everything but one banking app is working. If I understand the process correctly, installing Magisk will wipe my current OS, apps and data?

No, Magisk will just make insertion into the /boot partition.

But relocking the bootloader (for a capable device) will wipe apps and data during a factory reset.

Pardon my ignorance: Can I do that from the Magisk app (patch x file), our do I need the adb tools/ USB debugging?

You don t need adb and debugging. you install the magisk app, extract the boot.img of your ROM-zip and patch it in the magisk app, then reboot to twrp recovery… There you want to flash that patched file, therefore go to install, changeto flash img-file and navigate to your download folder, the pathed file should be found there and you should be able to flash it. After a reboot you should be rooted :wink:

I manually installed e/OS (dev version for Pixel 3) and don’t have twpr installed as much as I know. Can I do the procedure with the e recovery?

recovery-e only manage .ZIP files not .IMG files …

TWRP does !


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OK. I tried the procedure with 5 (!) different twpr .img with the fastboot.
It is booting fine, and I can transfer the .zip.
BUT: the touchscreen does not work. I.e., I cannot enter my PIN/ unlock TWPR etc.
Any idea/alternative?