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So I apologize but I wonder if I misunderstood how things worked on /e/OS with regards to applications. Since I had no issues installing my purchased Moon+ Reader I assumed that all my paid for apps would be available to me in the App Lounge. Did I misunderstand that?

I tried Aurora and it didn’t seem to see some of my purchased apps either. Did I misunderstand something? Misconfigure something? How do I get some of my paid applications and (disappeared) games and applications again? They show up in the Play Store but not anywhere else apparently.

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paid apps aren’t a core concern yet, so at best you’re lucky if it works when you associated your Google Account.

Can you think of any unique attributes to purchases that don’t show up?

You’d probably need to debug the response from the play store and read the client source code (that Applounge isusing) to see how purchased apps show or don’t show up. The official docs aren’t clear if there are different types of purchases.

Not really. I searched for a game I purchased and it had a price button on it. I didn’t care to chance a repurchase of something I already own. So I went looking for more information.

As long as you use your Google account in App Lounge and Aurora Store you should see your paid apps. If a paid app shows a price it is okay.
First off you cannot directly purchase anything in either store so no worries about repurchasing anything.

If a paid app has a price, just click on it.
I own Root Explorer. Showed a price of $4.99. Tapped on it and it bings up a purchase confirmation; denoting it will open Play Store on the web. That does not happen, instead, selecting okay will just install the app.
Same procedure with another paid app. Installs fine.

There are some other things that you need to be aware of. If any of those apps and games use or require InApp Purchases, more than likely they will not work or work well. Actual Google Play Store is required. Period.

If any of those games require Google Play Games then they will not work as microG does not implement that.

So you can install paid apps. That should not be a problem. Whether they work or not is something else.


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