Uninstall Apps (foundation.e.apps)


I would like to uninstall the Apps default application store, as I have another application manager in the smartphone

Is there a simple way to do that?



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Thank you for the quick and detailed reply @AnotherElk . That worked fine.

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Will uninstalling already build-in application which was compiled affects errors in logcat where something might still refer to those or this command also remove such references?

I don’t quite get the question or the problem.
Uninstalling an App just uninstalls the App.
In case of trouble afterwards there’s a command to bring the App back.

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Apologies, I thought it’s about uninstalling system apps, though.

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This is just a generic Android mechanism to uninstall Apps you can’t uninstall via a button in the Settings.
How dangerous it is depends on what you do with it.

Pre-installed Apps in the sense of Apps (think for example Mail, Messages or the Apps installer) just provide App functionality which some users want to get provided by alternative Apps or don’t want to have at all. That’s relatively safe.

If you dig deeper and uninstall important system components without exactly knowing what you’re doing, of course you can generate problems.

If in doubt, it’s always an option to just leave some Apps be and ignore them :wink: .

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Yeah, totally agreed. On the other hand if uninstalling build-in apps was that easy I guess in eOS it would have been implemented long time ago for an user.

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It was certainly promised long ago…

Thank you for this information! Anyway, since I can install an uninstalled app again, this presupposes that there are apks available. So how can I list them, for example if I forget what I have uninstalled?

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Apparently you can compare the output of adb shell pm list packages (list of installed packages) and adb shell pm list packages -u (list of installed and uninstalled packages) to find out the uninstalled Apps …



Thank you! As per your comment,the following one-liner does the trick: diff <(adb shell pm list packages) <(adb shell pm list packages -u)
Cheers! :slight_smile:


Hi to all,
I have a question.
My phone Redmi Note 4, Mido is Obsoleted. It doesnt get any updates now. There are many Closed topics which doesnt have desired answers. So I write it here.

Now if I want to uninstall some default apks from E os, which way is better !

Using ADB method (without root !!) (but it says that apks remains there on phone or
Using Magisk root it, then with app manager uninstall desired default apks and then Uninstall magisk and make it WITHOUT ROOT for safety!! OR
Is it possible to uninstall the default apk using TWRP recovery !!!
Thanks in Advance
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IMHO, adb shell is safe and the simpliest way. Calling back these ‘removed’ apps is simple, too, if needed…

Note that apps are still inboard, so it could help to first wipe there cache and data to save a few kO.

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Thanks for reply,
But I want to delete it completely.
So, please answer me,

  1. Is it possible to uninstall these bloatwares with TWRP Recovery.
  2. How about first, root with magisk then uninstall these bloat wares and then uninstll Magisk (Unroot the phone) for safety.


I don’t know, I never test. But, for safety, adb shell is the best because it is fast, easy and you can’t break your OS.

And when the result is fine for you, you can learn the other ways…

Edit: what apps want you remove?


I m going to prepare a list form three or four posts.

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My own set of alternative apps:

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