Uninstall Weather app


I don’t need the Weather app : how can I uninstall or desactivate it on my Samsung S7 ?
The widget appears by default on the main screen and I can’t hide it.
And I can’t desactivate the app in the settings : the button is inactive…

Thanks for your help !


You only can deleted it via file manager in TWRP. The prebuildapks you will find in /system/
Don’t forget to mount ‘system’ before using the file manager :wink:

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That’s somewhat unfortunate that a user cannot do that in the system. The search widget is broken on mine (empty language something error message) and tried to remove it too without success.

mhm, I think everyone should / can do such things.

Regarding Search widget, you can do a dirty flash. That’s meaning you flash e again without any wipe. If this don’t solve your problem, pls create an issue on gitlab

Maybe I can add my two penn’orth - I also don’t want the weather widget, but I also don’t particularly want to delete the whole app. It would make sense to be able to disable the widget (I also doubt that I will ever find the “suggested apps” widget useful, as it goes).

So far this is the one thing I don’t like about /e/, which is very good going I think.

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To get rid of the weather widget and sone other issues, use a differnet launcher like librechair. Than you can add widgets wherever you want


Thanks @harvey186 I didnt know that.
I could remove weather browser and a few other apps i dont need