Uninstalled some default apps - Icons still showing

Hello. After installing /e/ I noticed some of the default apps cannot be uninstalled, as it is the case with many Android apps. Especially those widgets on the first page I do not need, but I could not find a way to uninstall them.

So I removed Mail, Notes, Tasks and any weather-related package but I still have icons (green, default, Android icons) for the first three after a restart. Is there any chance I can get rid of them? I just hate this idea of being unable to uninstall default apps, I need to be in control of my devices, not the other way around. How can I remove those items or what is the best way to remove default apps (besides being root and uninstalling the package)?

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RE uninstalling default apps, see that heading in this post: /e/ & 2021: the year everything is going to change (2/2) — A product roadmap

Until that’s implemented, to hide any app, you may have to use a different launcher, e.g. OpenLauncher, as I don’t think Bliss has that functionality yet.


You don’t need to be root for this.

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Thank you very much. Yes, I have done these steps and the apps are removed, but their icons still remain and when I click on them Bliss Launcher crashes (since there is no app).

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I’m using Lawnchair and can’t confirm this behaviour, must indeed be a Bliss thing then.

Perfect. This question has been answered. I had no idea there are other Android launchers… :smiley: I have so much to learn. Yes, it is a Bliss thing… #ohTheBliss