Uninstalling /e/ if I want the original android Os back

Hi everyone,

I would like to know wether once I’ve installed /e/ os on my device, and should I want the original Android OS back, how do I go about uninstalling it ?

Thanks !

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simple, just make a backup of your original OS using TWRP, save that backup on an external SD card or your PC, then install /e/, and if you want to go back (which you won’t :slight_smile: ) then you can follow do the same steps to install the old OS (i.e. delete data, wipe system and cache, and then restore the old OS with TWRP)

But i’m not a programmer, so hold the horses for someone who knows more than me to confirm this :slight_smile:


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Except the way to do a backup as @Rik mentioned, ways to install stock or custom roms are device specific.

Do you need help about one device in particular (your device) ?
If so, tell us for which device you want to know the exact procedure so we can help you know how to do it.


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Each brand has a different way to flash the stock ROM (and the stock recovery).

Hi, from the question you asked, I’m guessing you didn’t back up before you installed /e/.

So now, if you want to go back to android factory, you have to download and install it on your own just like you did for /e/, but I’ve never tried (and I don’t even want to) so I don’t know where to download it, and if TWRP is okay to do that, or you need stock recovery to do it.

Hello and welcome.

You can check on XDA dev’ with your device’s codename. Thread “flash stock ROM”. Have you ever installed /e/ or are you still in doubt ?

Im thinking of doing it for a Samsung Galaxy S6

Download (you have to create a dump account) the latest firmware for your device and your country, unzip the directory you have downloaded, open Odin, click on “AP” and select the file that was in the directory you unzipped, and click on Start.
This HOWTO can help a little.

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Galaxy S6 “zerofltexx” and eOS ROM - that needs to be well thought out!

Be sure to read some user posts here in the forum before you consider installing eOS Rom - and you’ll have your eyes open.

S6 ‘zerofltexx’ with the eOS ROM version e-0.7-n (Android 7) from Febr. 15, 2020 - just install it for testing? Yes, why not. But as daily driver - no!

At the moment the eOS firmware is not being developed further because there are no usable 8-Oreo and 9-Pie LineageOS sources available.

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Hello guys,

I would like to reinstall Android on my Fairphone 3.
How does work if I didn’t make a backup.

Here’s how to revert to Fairphone OS from the Fairphone website.


Be sure that the s6 is the better choice for you, because
Ok it has 3GoRAM, But it cannot support SDcard.
There are no working official builds for months at the moment,
news pie builds will probably come soon…

Edit : unofficial /e/OS-Q builds are available