Unlock forgotten screen pattern e/os?

Dear all, I forgot my screen pattern (3x3)…Is there any solution?

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I would try searching the internet for this. It will be device specific. One link is this:Ways to Unlock Android Pattern Lock Screen if Forgot [2022]- Dr.Fone

I once wrote a sideload.zip with just 6 or 7 “rm” commands to remove the system files containing the pattern as well as the info about its existence. Unfortunately I don’t have that anymore and it might be device specific, but it might be an idea to start with. (Also proof that no device with unlocked bootloader is even remotely safe)

The appropiate files should be in some subfolder of /system/. Just use some small sideloading zip as blueprint and edit the file containing the comands that get executed.

/e/ vulnerability pin and fingerprint (#948) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab its a feature :wink:

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More like an unfixed gaping security hole Jofre can exploit.

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