Unlocking Opp R7plus bootloader

Hi everybody,

Trying to unlock the bootloader of my phone (Oppo R7plusf) to install /e/, I start realizing that Oppo would have prohibited this unlock by removing from the phone, the necessary binaries.
Does somebody knows if there is a way to unlock this phone ?
adb is working, but “adb reboot-bootloader” just reboot the phone in normal mode.
Thanks a lot.

Di you try this ? https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/r7plus#special-boot-modes

Hello @georges, for device OPPO R7 Plus (International) (r7plus) is available LineageOS and LineageOS-for-microG ROMs, but not for /e/ OS!

Thanks @smu44
Yes I did. Only the recovery mode is working. The other option is just a normal boot, as for adb.

Hello @archje, thanks for your answer.
There is also an unofficial version of /e/ for oppo R7plus : https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=300377
It seems that with the OS before 2016, it was still possible to unlock the bootloader. But I have a version of colorOS “after”. :frowning:

Oh, yes, from @ Unknown. We haven’t heard from him in a few weeks…

After few mails sent and recieved from OPPO, that’s clear that they definitely won’t allow their customers to unlock the bootloader.
The OS of the phone R7plus has not been updated for years (at least 4), and they will let it die.
OPPO does exactly what is called “planned obsolescence”.
Don’t do like me, never buy this kind of stuff.