Unofficial Build (2021) for the Samsung Galaxy s4 mini / gt-i9195 / serranoltexx .?


  • found that dialer not fully work.

dialer-app start and you can make a call, but no way to get out, and quickly appear a “crash-loop” error message, even if call is still alive.

  • WiFi works
    G.P.S. works
    /e/account works
    etc …

That was a known bug in v0.14 which was fixed in either 0.15 or 0.16. The workaround for v0.14 was to install the ‘Simple Dialer’ app from Apps or F-Droid, and set that to be the default phone app

Hi @Unofficial-Builders,
Could you help for this device ?

Last released Official Dev Build was

Last working Unofficial Build was