[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Android 10 / "Q" test ROM for the OnePlus 5/T - "cheeseburger"/"dumpling"

I created an unofficial build based on Q/Android 10 of /e/ that is available here:

Use at your own risk, backup your precious data first! No guarantees or whatsoever.
Cheeseburger was flashed by me to a physical device and seems working.
Dumpling will be flashed next week to a physical device - will report back.

Install instructions when coming from the official /e/ Pie ROM (dirty flash, ideally no data-loss):

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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Hello !

Thanks for that !

Sorry if itโ€™s a stupid question but Iโ€™m beginning ^^ : Iโ€™m actually on a Oneplus 5T A5010, with Android 10 and OxygenOS 10.0.1, so I can install this /e/ build on my phone ?


hi @ToinouToinou,

Yes, that should be no problem. But the steps are a little different in this case.
You can skip installation of the firmware as you already have the correct firmware (bundled with the stock OOS).

And this means you cannot โ€œdirtyโ€ flash. So you basically have to wipe data during installation (a first wipe will also already occur when you unlock the bootloader)

CAUTION: That means all your personal data, apps, app data and settings etc are lost when you do that!

That means you need to backup your stuff before you begin and restore it to the new OS.
Consider to make a nandroid backup of your stock installation before flashing /e/ to make the return to stock less cumbersome in case you dislike /e/.

CAUTION: As i wrote above. Only the cheeseburger build was tested on physical device so far (still the dumpling SHOULD be fine). I expect to receive a dumpling device by end of next week and will flash it. Afterwards I can report the experience.