[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] e/OS 0.22.3 q for Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017), SM-730F (j7y17lte)

Last weekend I successfully built e/OS 0.22.3 q for my Samsung Galaxy SM-730F. I have not tested everything, but it seems to run quite stable.

This is what seems to work:

  • boot / reboot
  • Bliss launcher and standard apps including e account / Nextcloud
  • touch screen, display
  • wifi
  • phone /SMS (dual sim)
  • fingerprint sensor
  • GPS
  • acceleration sensors, compass etc.
  • Bluetooth
  • earphones
  • cameras incl. flash

This is missing or not perfect:

  • NFC seems not to work, although it is installed
  • FM radio seems not to be installed at all.
  • Live preview on camera is slightly distorted in opencamera app, but final picture is ok. With Camera Go there are less problems (distortion only in selfie preview).

If someone likes to give it a try:


Please use it at your own risk. The installation is not as easy, since the device on stock rom apparently has no vendor partition. This has to be created first by flashing

TWRP is required anyway. There are plenty of guides on XDA on how to get and install it. I also found this instruction helpful (only I used Odin instead of heimdall):


Please note that you cannot use the very twrp version linked there, but you have to search for the specific version for j7y17lte on XDA!

Find the local manifest I was using here (there are other sources, probably even better, but I did not yet try them out):


Note, that I had to edit two source files in order to get the built done. Feel free to ask for the details, if you want to build yourself.

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Sorry, I neglected explicit credits:
All credits go to the creators of Universal7870 · GitLab, who provided the device specific files needed for this build!!

Oh, btw, I think I also had to create a symbolic link in /system with name vendor, pointing at /vendor, after I flashed the rom. So the procedure would be:

  1. Flash the script to create vendor partition
  2. Flash e/OS rom
  3. Create symlink, using ADB shell ln command
    Then e/OS should be able to boot…

Hey this is good work. Thank you for that. That revived my phone. Can you give a little more information on the steps you are doing this. Is this the guide you use - How to Build the /e/OS ROM? ? How do you add Universal7870 · GitLab this to run the build?

Hi @Stoner welcome to the /e/ forum.

Your question is about manifest.xml and in the case of your own build the local_manifests folder.

At the foot of the official docker build page you linked we see

… environment variables here.

Please search that page for “manifest” to see how docker can use any-manifest.xml for an unsupported device.

You are fortunate that your GitLab link includes a manifest folder. So you can simply make a copy the manifest for your device as an .xml file on your PC and use that as you learned above.

Docker is highly automated. It is ideal when you have all the correct information and just want an easy build. In my experience it is a bit difficult to debug. If you get errors which you cannot debug you might try a supported device first so that you see docker working correctly, perhaps.

Good luck

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