[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] /e/OS-R (Red_velvet_cake/android_11_based) for Galaxy s4mini LTE (serranoltexx) GT-I9195

Thanks to @itsclarence,
here come, a first new /e/OS build based on AOSP 11 / LOS 18, with Seedvault enabled.
for a pocket-friendly device with a great 4,3"screen
the Samsung Galaxy s4mini LTE (2013)

“/e/OS red_velvet_cake flavor” build from the Community :

see **serranoltexx** Supported Models
Vendor model name codename model number
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini serranolte GT-I9195
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini serranolte GT-I9195L
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini serranolte GT-I9195T
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini serranolte GT-I9195X
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini serranolte GT-I9197
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini serranoltebmc SGH-I257M
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini serranoltektt SHV-E370K

Other LTE Variants are not supported :

Vendor model name codename model number
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini serranoltekx SHV-E370D
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini serranoltelra SCH-I435L
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini serranoltespr SPH-L520
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini serranolteusc SCH-R890
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini serranoltevzw SCH-I435


downloads :
( included : e-recovery for serranoltexx )
native dialer screen don’t react when incoming call, so, use “simple dialer” from “F-Droid” as default solve the problem.
as it is a mini version ( due to /system size ), so you have to add the “Magic Earth” G.P.S. app from “Aurora Store”

install Guide :
[HOWTO] install /e/ on a Samsung device successfully

custom recovery :

Official Nougat dev builds :
last OTA update.

Community Oreo build :

Community Pie build :
fully working !

Community Quince Tart build :
native dialer crash, use simple dialer instead

Official Documentation :


unfortunately, the screen have a bug when incomming call with Native Dialer
only the bell is ringging…

edit : ! IT IS WORKING ! using “Simple Dialer” from F-droid

Test build with Seedvault Backup Solution implemented in the system settings graphical user interface

I found some others minor bugs

  • additionally to the first no “screen when calls incoming” in native dialer, the simple dialer replacement app don’t reset the missed calls counter.
  • also, when i want to copy/paste, i need to tap paste two times, because the first attempt just delete the selection without pasting.


For those who need the latest Samsung Firmware for this device :




other expression of the same bug i think,
as for incomming calls, the alarm rings but without displaying a related screen !

On the 20200602 Pie build apps don’t register with MicroG Cloud Messaging and hence don’t show notifications.

MicroG must be outdated (there should be a way to manually update it by installing new version in /system/priv-apps)

e-0.18-r-20210814 always spell checks the main language, not the one you’re writing with. This seems to be a Lineage bug from 2020: AOSP Spell checking uses wrong dictionary (#1723) · Issues · LineageOS / issues / android · GitLab

Thanks for the reply. I found a way to get microG to work, after some digging. Toggle the Cloud Messaging ping interval in microG settings to 60 seconds so it says it’s connected. Then reinstall messaging apps, so that they can register. Then set it back to automatic once they are registered.

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Notifications don’t seem to work after all. I’m not even getting SMS notifications. I’ve tried to fix this for a while, but microG Cloud Messaging just seems to not work. Or it’s a problem with something else relating to push notifications.

Edit: I tried the Android 10 one too, with the same result. I guess I’m gonna have to go back on the official Nougat.

Just to say I own several S4 mini and I’m sad to see them stuck in 0.13 so I would gladly support any new /e/ releases. I would even put a few bucks on the table to see it officially supported.

Incomming calls black screen solution :

try using the “Simple Dialer - Manage your phone calls easily” application (orange and white icon), available in Apps.
Open this application and select it to be the default Phone application.
Then go to the application settings and activate the “Disable proximity sensor during calls” option.

Hi, I installed this rom on my device but i 'v go two problems :
first, it seems that I’m on read only on the internal memory of the phone. For exemple, I cant take picture and save it.
How could i Check if I m on read only ?

I did import my sms and mms, using the tool sms Import / Export from my previous device (android). My sms were imported but not my MMS (that includes photo).
Did anyone have this problem ?

Thank you for you help.

The /e/OS version for this device is pretty oudated. You might try LineageOS for a newer version

@piero : maybe you want to build a new Q or R version for this device. I tried build today but got too many errors…

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serranovelte gt-i9195i s4miniVE “Value Edtion” is different.

serranovelte gt-i9195i is covered by another devicecodename with another CHIPSET different than
serranolte gt-i9195, incompatible with serranoltexx (including 3 variants)

But yes, i want to build an updated e-1.15-r version
for the serranolte gt-i9195
( or serranoltexx if possible including 2 other devices serranoltespr and serranolteuc ),
thank you for trying, system size is a known issue we have to pass.

sorry i have not seen this on my two i9195 devices nor on my i9195X ( demo version without GSM modem but fonctionnal WIFI)

i don’t know / use this feature.

→ settings → application → permissions
does camera have permission to read/write into internal storage ?

Please note it is also Not an Unofficial Build, it is an experimental Custom Build with modifications to allow for the small system partition. Credit and kudos to @piero who inspired this enterprise; would you care to test this please @piero.


The sha256sum is:

The build is based on the original Lineage sources https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/serranoltexx/ with the substitution of kernel from sileshn.

This build is much reduced from the standard /e/ MINIMAL_APPS, the list of apps not found in this CUSTOM_SLIM build.

eSpeakTTS Camera Message Mail Browser BrowserWebView AdvancedPrivacy MagicEarth PdfViewer.

The build is made from the same recipe as the July tested [CUSTROM_SLIM] OnePlus One bacon.

What next

We can experiment further with the optimum choice of included apps – serranoltexx has a slightly larger available system partition than bacon so we can hope for a better populated build next time.

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hello, thank you for your help.
I did install the rom you gave me.

Installation is ok.
I’m Now testing.
There is a problem with the phone application.
Incoming and outcoming calls works fine but when the conversation starts, the only way to hear is to use HP function. Without HP, I can’t hear any sound.
I Tried with another application ( Simple Composeur / simple Dialer) but the problem is the same. Would anyone have advices to solve this problem ?

The problem I used to have about read only seems ok. Pictures car be taken and saved in the internal memory.

about the last part of your post (after What Next) , I’m not sur I understood well what you meant.

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Thank you so much @renton for testing this experimental build.

Did you see the tip in Post #12 using Simple dialer and “Disable proximity sensor during calls” ?

Sorry about the vauge “what next” content. It has been @piero’s ambition (mentioned in the link) for a long time to build a serranoltexx ROM. I hope he can pick up this “proof of concept” and continue the development.

here are some news.

Unfortunately, the option “Disable proximity sensor during calls” doesn’t fix the problem with the HP when making calls. At this point this is the main bug. It does make the device quite unusable for everyday use.

For the rest, here what i could test :
Bluetooth is ok . I used it on my car and could make calls.
mms is ok. and i recieve attached files as pictures.

I tryed to install application such as leboncoin or sncf-connect with aurora . Installation is ok but application crash when launching. Do you know if I’ve got something more (such as microg) to install ?

If you have a rom that would correct the problems, let met know. I would try it and make you a return as complete as possible.

Let me know.
thanks for your help.