[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Google Pixel 7a (lynx) for /e/OS-T

Greatly appreciate you making this!! How risky on a scale of 1-10 do you think it would be to try this out as a daily driver?

I dont know, but as this device is officially supported by LineageOS I think its fine to use for regular use.
I would possibly wait until /e/Foundation is supporting this device officially since this is not yet the case.

New update available:

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Hello! Thanks for taking the time to make a build! I ran into an issue installing your build last night, as the phone was never able to fully boot after installing the image from recovery. It would go to the white Google boot screen, then restart over and over. I have followed the official installation instructions for lineageOS aside from using your custom image, is there a step I’m missing? Thank you in advance!

For reference, this is the build I used:


did you use vendor_boot.img from here:

or extract e-recovery from my ROM. Maybe you have to use this

I did use the vendor boot image from that link, however I’ll attempt to extract the e-recovery. I’ll report back soon with details if I find any luck, thank you!

Alright, using payload-dumper-go, I dumped the following from your build:

  • boot.img
  • dtbo.img
  • vendor_kernel_boot.img
  • vendor_boot.img

Initially, I flashed all of these files that were included in the payload dump, however was unable to boot into recovery.

After flashing all of the previously listed files using the ones linked to lineage-20.0-20231027-nightly-lynx-signed, and after flashing the e-recovery dumped from your build, I was able to boot into e/os recovery.

I have adb sideloaded and installed your build, however I am still meet with a boot loop where the phone will not make it past the Google logo. After a few failed attempts to boot, the phone will return to Fastboot.

Attempting to flash the other files dumped from your build after installation will still cause the device to boot loop unfortunately.

Any further help is appreciated, let me know if you need any additional info!

We can try the following. Please install latest LOS20 for lynx and follow the steps for extracting the vendor files:
Please upload where I can grab and I try with these vendor files another build

I’ll see if I can do that for you. Unfortunately, my Pixel 7a may have encountered the “Black Screen Of Death” last night, so I’m going to try and revive it tonight. In the case I can revive it, then I’ll post a link here with those files for you. Sorry for the wait, wish me luck!

Oh, all the best! I never had a Google phone but mostly Samsung which I could restore when I had major issues

Looks like my pixel’s adventuring has come to a fast and sad end. I’ve been unable to revive it after every combination of holding down the volume and power keys. The screen seems to stay black no matter what I do. On an interesting note, ChromeOS states “give Pixel Rom Recovery access to Linux?” When plugging the phone in, however the pixel recovery utility site seems to not recognise anything, and adb says “waiting for device”. Looks like I’m at a dead end, but I’ll reach back out if someone is able to find a way to bring it back some time down the road.

Not even LineageOS runs?

Nope! The phone itself has a black screen, and will not start up no matter what I try. Last thing I saw on the screen was fastboot that other night. I clicked the volume up/down buttons to select “power off”, and then it turned off for the last time. I took the phone to work, and my work’s windows machine will make the “chime” when the phone is connected via usb. Interestingly enough, the windows machine will “chime” as if the phone is being unplugged and plugged when I attempt the usual key combos to try and reboot it. Throughout this all, the screen stays dark. I thought that maybe the screen is off but perhaps the device has entered fastboot or rescue mode with a powered off screen, however Chrome is unable to detect any connected devices. Plugging the phone into ChromeOS causes the “Share Pixel Rom Recovery with Linux” prompt to momentarily display. Even ChromeOS seems to not be able to find the phone when I attempt the pixel recovery utility, or flash utility.

Update: Planning on picking up another 7a, I’ve learned my lesson from buying from Amazon. (My pixel was from another country, and not serviceable in the states!) Will order from the Google store, and report back when it gets here. Thanks so much for your patience!

You still buy at Amazon :wink:
Good luck with the new phone, keep us updated!

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I have some experience with Pixel7a so thought I would also test this build.
Device was prepared with stock android 13 July build on both slots.

Using extracted images for installing recovery the device bootlooped ending in fastboot mode on the other slot.

To recover the device I changed slots and reinstated google stock boot, dtbo, etc over the previously flashed partitions and rebooted back into google stock.

Do you extract the proprietary blobs from a recent Lineage build as part of your build process?

yes, did use a recent Lineage build and extracted the vendor data

Will do another build when /e/OS-T-1.17 is final

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For this build I used the gitlab theMuppets vendor files for lynx