[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] HTC One m8 (m8) Android 10 Q

Hi all,

New build for Android 10 Q v0.19.5-q branch of /e/ os.

Device info https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/m8

ROM : https://funambule.org/lufi/r/KqrVUwqk9E#rsIZmhLRQAQWT2z02dRubPb5r3ftX66JUcawg5eZlv0=

This work fine for my model.

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All the unofficial /e/ os Android 10 builds I have tried on my M8 will randomly slow down and freeze up the phone with just a couple of apps open. Today it was just while I was listening to a podcast with all other apps closed. It feels like some kind of memory leak issue, but I’m not shrewd enough to know how to track it down.

Looking to go back to Android 9, if that’s possible.