[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] LG G2 (d802) Android 10 - Q

Please, note that this is to be considered as a VERY UNOFFICIAL build (see here ), because I can’t test on my device, so installation is at your own total risk, I can’t give you support and OTA Updates are not active (follow this thread for updates and to report the result of your test).

New UNOFFICIAL BUILD (12/01/2021 /e/ version 0.14 ANDROID 10 - Q) for LG-G2 d802.


  1. BACKUP YOUR DATA (follow the HowTo’s on the forum)
  3. Follow the procedure on /e/ documentation to install the ROM
  4. Restore your Data
  5. Restart /e/OS

/e/ OS changes included: see here (waiting for update 0.14 Q section)
Device specific changes included: see here
Generic LOS changes included: see here

Here is the Download Link of my Docker Build ( /e/ version 0.14 Android Q updated 12/01/2021 ) with it’s md5sum and sha256sum (Verify the integrity of the file before install! :wink:).

Also you are encouraged to build from yourself: let’s search the forum to the word “Docker” and see how easy it is! (support on Telegram community channel)

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