[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] LG G6 H870 (EU variant - lucye) e-1.2-r

**** Build e-1.2-r-20220723 (Android 11) ****

Based on v1-r branch of /e/OS (commit eaed2daf, 08 jul 2022)

Kernel 3.18.140-EAS-Y with security patch from 05 june 2022

Prebuilt APKS (commit a9468ddb, 06 jul 2022) :
AppLounge 2.3.1
BlissLauncher 1.4.1
Browser 100.0.4896.57
Camera 1.48.1
Mail 6.001
Musique 4.0.1

Prerequisites :
Your device must be unlocked and running a custom recovery (version must support Android 11).
I’m using twrp-3.5.2_10-0-beta1-h870 (https://sourceforge.net/projects/eos-lg-g6/files/Recovery/H870/)

About bootloader :
If you are running the latest Stock Pie, there’s no need to update your bootloader.

Known issues (same as LineageOS 18.1):

  • VoLTE doesn’t work. LG uses a proprietary implementation of VoLTE that is not compliant with AOSP. Fixable? Probably not.
  • Encryption doesn’t work

Instructions :

  • Backup everything !!!
  • If needed, unlock your device and install TWRP (if you already have TWRP, make sure it’s compatible with Android 11 !)
  • Download the latest build (link below)
  • Reboot to recovery
  • Wipe system, data, cache, dalvik
  • Flash the latest build
  • Reboot and enjoy

Downloads :

Sources :
For Devs :
If you want to build your own version, be careful : others commits after these used here, give me bootloop on factory reset.

Thanks :
Many thanks to Bernado Bas (@bernadobas on XDA)

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If you encountered issues (crash) with apps like AppLounge or Musique, do this : boot into recovery, go to advanced options and “fix contexts”. This will fixed the permissions (don’t worry about “No installed system” message after this, reboot the system).


v1.2-RC-r, more information on this release : v1.2-r · e / os / releases · GitLab

**** Build e-1.2-r-20220805 (Android 11) ****

Based on v1-r branch (commit a478e53d, 18 jul 2022)

Kernel 3.18.140-EAS with security patch from 05 june 2022

Prebuilt APKS (commit 5a45bc4d, 18 jul 2022) :
BlissLauncher 1.4.2
Mail 6.201

and not from this commit :
AppLounge 2.2.1 (preferred to 2.3.2 beta 2)
eDrive 1.1.0

Download :

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As I can’t post new links anymore in any posts, you will find informations on the latest version (e-1.5-r) on the XDA /e/OS Project forum section. See the first post to find the download link on Sourceforge.

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The latest build e-1.8.1-r-20230208 (= e-1.8r) is available on the XDA /e/OS Project forum section.

The latest build e-1.12.3-r is available on the XDA /e/OS Project forum section.