[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] LG V20 Dual SIM International Variant (h990DS)

Hi guys, this is an unofficial (PIE) build for the dual sim international variant for the LG v20 (H990DS - codename Elsa).



Are you the developer @johndoe_snmp ?


I built it using the instructional on this forum. And have been using this ROM for the past couple of weeks without any issues so far

This device not officially supported by LineageOS, so i think you used sources from some unofficial build, this is not so easy like just put device codename in docker script, good job!

Hi @Unknown, thanks.
Actually i think i got lucky with this one. Using the non-docker build script it worked by

  1. Replacing the device name by the device code for this device . LOS repos refer to the device by the code (H990)
  2. The only other change i had to do was get one of the ‘preference’ module separately from LOS git.