[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Motorola Moto E 2015 LTE (surnia)

The problem is, that there are no vendor sources available. In the XDA post only Lineage/device and kernel sources are show, not the needed vendor sources.

Sorry, this not my build, I had installed the e-0.10-n by @petefoth

Surprisingly, there’s an official LOS 17.1, as said above…

yeah, if someone will install the LOS17.1 build and run the extract-files.sh and will send m the sources, I could build eOS-Q for the device.
@petefoth could you do ??

I have to work, now, not any time to install LOS17.1 nightly now :confused:

Perhaps in a few days…
Édith asks : how do you run extract-files.sh (with adb, I think) ?

I’m afraid I can’t help with this. I’m currently on holiday away from my development machine. Also, my wife is now using this phone as her ‘daily driver’ (running Lineage4MicroG 16) and I won’t have access to the phone for flashing and developement.

enjoy the vacation and keep healthy

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Hello harvey186,

I just installed LOS17.1 nightly build and ran the extract-files.sh. Here’s a tarball of the files.


Nice, but:

  1. I don’t know what I should do with it
  2. OMG. … you are storing on goolag drive! !!

Hi, I’m using this build on two surnias here in the UK. Problem is the mobile network does not work properly (SIM cards from Three don’t connect at all, from Tesco connects but data only by EDGE (2G) which is very slow.

The phones were supposed to be network unlocked before flashing /e/.

Sorry but I can’t be much help as I haven’t even flashed this build, never mind running it. The surnia device that I used to use as a testbed has been re-purposed as my wife’s daily driver, so I can’t use it for testing anymore

It is running very well, good battery life, no real problems except the sim. Do you think the latest version could make a difference in that respect? Many thanks


I hadn’t have any problem with petefoth’s builds (0.9 and now 0.10).

What about your APN settings?
Settings > Network > More > Mobile network > Access >APN

I checked, the APN settings are correct.

Also I tried both Three and Tesco SIM on my harpia with /e/ and they work (LTE connection).

It’s possible. When I did my last lot of builds (for release/tag v0.12-nougat) I didn’t make a release for surnia as I have been focussing my efforts on Sony devices. I hope to be doing a new build run soon (when the next nougat release /tag appears), and I will try and remember to include a surnia build too.

Update: I bought another Surnia, supposedly unlocked, but it does not connect to the Three network either, even on stock rom, so it’s not /e/ causing the problem.

Would be good to have an updated /e/ for it though! Thanks

@petefoth and @Pinback. I can build a Q-eOS version if you want to?
Or do you @petefoth want to build it yourself? Let me know…

I’m very interested in that! Can’t build myself…

I’ll wait for an answer of @petefoth

Is it possible to put nougat back on if I prefer it to Q ? It is running quite well…

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Please go ahead and build it. I’m waiting for Docker to be functional again before I start making builds, and I’ll concentrate on builds for Sony phones when it is

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