[Unofficial Build] Motorola Moto G7 Power (ocean) eOS - Q

A new up-to-date Q-build for Moto G7 Power. Codename ocean.
Please make a backup first and share your experience please.

Device info : Info about ocean | LineageOS Wiki

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I tried to use the November 4th build but kept getting the setup wizard crashing. Do you know the reason for this? I haven’t tried the newest build because I didn’t know it was out but I think I might give it a try

Around beginning November there was undeed a set-up wizard issue. I’ll remove that build. You can download the latest…

I tried the December build after posting the message and so far no problems. Thanks for making it

Any idea about this going to the official repo? It’s a really nice ROM so far

Just installed on my xt1655-5, everything seems working!


Mine is running good too! Been using it for almost a month with no problems

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is that a typo do you mean XT1955-5? Mine is XT1955-2.

Your model is also supported
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So just to be clear my model is supported by your unofficial build in post 1? if so going to do it right away, getting unlock code now.

That’s what wiki says

OK about wiki.

Motorola is say cannot be unlocked. I did manage to get string…

Saying “PUID not found in your identifier, please try again.” The it tells me “your device does not qualify for unlocking bootloader”

I wonder if I don’t have a setting correct under developer options.

OK I managed to get unlock key from Motorola.

When I edited the unlock code I did not include the # synbol I thought it was a line return. I used the Motorola scrub tool and I got the correct code and was sent unlock key.

Only problem no is in the developer options the “allow OEM unlocking” switch is greyed out.

Anyone know a way to fix this? Actually it “say connect to the internet or contact your carrier”. I do not have WiFi turn on or have a SIM in the phone. I was hesitant to connect to internet as Android or Moto wants to update the phone.

Any thought on this?

Edit: I had to login to the WiFi and then the unlock option became available.

Got it done :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Thanks for the build itsclarence


I thought I would follow up here.

When I reboot the phone running this build I security warning “this build was signed with public keys”. Do I have to be concerned about this and if so can I change the keys? There is also another warning SELinux is not enforcing… and SELinux is disabled. I think the second warning may be by design by e OS.

Any thoughts?

Hi, this download link appears to be down. Can you reupload?

EDIT: Nevermind, I see that you have to go through the unofficial builds list to get to the list of builds for this device rather than that specific November download. Thanks!

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Hey, thank you for putting this together for us. It is really appreciated.

What is the process to get this added to the official support list? How can we make this happen?

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Welcome to our community TheAtarian !

Request the device here :smile:

I have to agree that the build is, so far, so good; thank you guys, although I have posted some issues (primarily screen stops working during calls) elsewhere just in case it helps.