[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Motorola Moto One Action (troika) - Q

Hi there,

I have built the /e/ os rom for the Motorola Moto One Action (troika).
Please note this is an untested build. I plan to flash it to my device this week

Build information:
Android Version: Q (10)
/e/ OS Version: 0.19

Make sure you backup any data you have before flashing this build. Use at your own risk.

Please report any bugs to this thread. Feedback appreciated.

Download link:

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Late reply, but did you have any success?

Hi there, I tried flashing it but it never booted. That could also be because I have the North American version of the phone though (not android one). Tell me how it goes!

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Which one was it?


Not sure if there’s a difference between the XT2013-1, -2, -3, -4 versions? I’m only assuming if they’re all Exynos based, they would all work with /e/ (?) i.e. I’ve ran an Exynos Samsung S9 with /e/ successfully.