[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Motorola One xt1941-4 (deen) for /e/OS 1.18-r

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thanks to Jeferson Rodrigo de Oliveira (aka jro1979oliver on Github) I was able to build a R version of e/OS 1.18 for Motorola deen (xt1941-4). JRO provided all the repos needed and the initial local manifest to do the build. At the very end there was a little problem with a selinux policy, that I could circumvent in order to finish the build.

You can download the OTA file (e-1.18-r-20231222-UNOFFICIAL-deen.zip) at:

and the TWRP recovery (twrp_deen_5.img) at:

Use the ROM and the following instructions at your own risk, and don’t assume everything to be free from errors or correct all the way. This ROM is for testing only, signed with public keys.

How to install

Have adb/fastboot installed and usb for Motorola working on your PC (see https://developer.android.com/tools/releases/platform-tools)

Boot your device to recovery (on start press power + vol-down), then connect USB. On your PC, open a cmd window and enter:

fastboot devices

If there is no device found, check your adb/fastboot installation and usb connectivity. If successful, enter

fastboot getvar all

Check for currently active slot: a or b? Then boot twrp image (assuming the img file to be in your current working directory):

fastboot boot twrp-deen-5.img

If you are asked for a password by TWRP, just skip pressing “cancel”. Wipe dalvik cache, userdata and system if you can (using advanced wipe), then do in cmd window (again, assuming the *.zip file to be in the working directory):

adb push e-1.18-r-20231222-UNOFFICIAL-deen.zip /sdcard

After successfully uploading, do install *.zip from /sdcard (takes a while), then wipe dalvik cache= yes and reboot.

If e does not boot now, but the previous OS tries to, just restart to bootloader and again use fastboot to check for active slot. If e was installed to the inactive slot, then change active slot by

fastboot --set-active=b

if a was active, set to a otherwise. Then

fastboot reboot

If e still does not boot, reinstall e, following steps above, in the other slot once again, then reboot.

If this instruction seems quirky, well, that’s how I did it with my device, coming from a fresh install of stock rom. Maybe you know better than me how to install custom roms on that device…?

Again, all credits go to Jeferson Rodrigo de Oliveira, who also provided a very nice build of LineageOS 19.1 for Motorola deen on SourceForge (https://sourceforge.net/projects/moto-one-deen/files/lineage-19.1/).


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