[UNOFFICIAL BUILD][N] Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 LTE - SM-T285 (gtexslte)


  • pure /e/ OS
  • Android Nougat

Device info:

  • Detailed specs
  • codename: gtexslte, SM-T285

XDA thread with all details and download links:

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Hi @steadfasterX, I look forward to hearing from you again after months.

AOSP e-1.0-n(ougat) sounds at first sight not very attractive for some users. But - I do not see it that way. Especially if a n(ougat) build is constantly maintained and also provided with the latest Android security patches, this is a very good alternative, especially for an aging tablet. These features also read very well:

» Based on the stable Lineage OS
» microG fully pre-installed with Signature Spoofing in restricted mode!
» All features described on the /e/ page: What is e
» All features and fixes of LineageOS
» My builds come with full OTA update support

The fact that you use your own OTA server is even more professional. I will try to purchase Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 LTE (gtexslte) and install your ROM.

By the way: Do you have the tab ‘gtexslte’ in your hands and can you do the first checks yourself?

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Hi @SuzieQ, well my main reason why I bought that tablet was I am sick of all available car navigation devices. you have to pay for updates and they are often enough incredible slow when it comes to touch etc.

this tablet has great dimensions (for my needs) and so perfectly fitting as a navigation device.
video recording is the only major thing I (and others) found but as my main goal is navigation (without a dash cam) I am fine with that fact. A user found an app though where even that worked for him but I have not tested it.

Also: the build is in permissive mode. I personally like to have everything restricted and enforcing but for this usecase I am fine with permissive. The only reason why we need that here is because of Bluetooth where I need to use prebuilt blobs instead of building which then causing issues (and believe me I added all sepolicies and permissions needed). I may fix that one day but I have very very low prio on that topic.

anyways, depending on your usecase and needs that tablet might be a good choice :slight_smile: and for those who want a special navigation OS: discovery OS will be updated to be based on that above /e/ build as well :wink:

and as you can assume from the above: yes I have it (two to be honest) in my hands :wink:
you have to ensure that you get the right one though as there is the SM-T280 which does not have LTE and might be not working with that ROM (besides the fact that having a SIM card option is always a better choice :wink: )

Hi i have some bugs to report maybe only one there’s a lot of lag while playing games even some simple old games I seem to find a problem where your game would freeze for a few seconds this also happens while playing videos too its like a fps drop to 3 or 2 fps for some time idk but why its pretty annoying and
2. You can’t play videos even downloaded or saved videos from the video player available in the ROM
If I will find any other bug I will report them
Thank you for your time @steadfasterX
3 a bug when an app adds an shortcut to the home screen then its impossible to remove it the launcher trying to remove it will just go and crash the launcher.