Here’s an unofficial build for this device. Built from the v0.23.9-r tag.

This is completely untested so please backup your existing setup before flashing

Release notes are here:

Device details here


Installation instructions here


Before you can install it, you will need to unlock the bootloader. There are no officially supported ways of doing this, but there is information on the net. Follow those guides at your own risk - I have not tested them

TWRP Recovery available here

I am not in a position to support this ROM as I don’t own one of these devices. If you do flash it, please give some feedback here, If enough people find it works, /e/ may be persuaded to make it an official device


Hi out there,
been using /e/ for quite a while on my Nokia 6.1 PL2 as a backup phone for some 6 months now. Nokia NB1 was my main phone. Since that died (screen went) the PL2 has been my daily driver. Been working like a charm. Before I tried /e/ on my wife’s old Samsung S6, massive echo problem was a dealbreaker. None of that with the PL2. I use gcam camera port by back.rider v 6.2.024:N7P_test1. Photos and videos work very well, even video stabilization works as it should. Phone is rooted, I used the free rooting option by techmesto.
A question: I have used OTA updates for the PL2 before, no problems. Now I activated : “Connect with the /e/OS testing channel” in the developer options, and I’m being offered to install /e/OS 1.2-beta.2. My problem: Before I install, I would like to find some info about this ROM to access the risk, but I just cannot find any info about it anywhere.
Sorry if I placed this message in the wrong thread; couldn’t find the test channel. Any help is much appreciated. /jupp68/

The “testing channel” is used to make builds available OTA for testing by the testing team (which includes both /e/ staff, and community volunteers). The builds made available there are not intended for use in your daily driver: they will include new features and bug fixes which have not yet been fully tested and which may therefore still have bugs, possibly serious ones.

Some people do use the test builds and, for much of the time, there are no problems. But occasionally there will be serious problems, and it may be necessary to revert to an earlier build or, in worst cases, do a fresh install of a previous build with (rarely, but occasionally) possible loss of previous data.

Unless you really want to be running the very latest version of /e/OS, and are prepared to risk the possibility of serious bugs, then I would recommend that you don’t use the test channel.

Hello Petefoth,
thanks your your explanation. I have deactivated the test channel again, since the PL2 is my main phone now. I’ll stick with /e/OS 1.1 from 29.June 2022 then & wait patiently for v 1.2 until it’s ready. /e/OS is much better than stock. With stock the phone was laggy, bad battery life, constantly some background activity, etc. With /e/ I get over 2days battery life. I use some apps from f-droid (simple calender, OsmAnd, KDE Connect for data exchange, K9mail), and a gcam port (see above). It’s all the smartphone I need. Thanks to you & the other devs for a great rom.
“If enough people find it works, /e/ may be persuaded to make it an official device”.
I’d really appreciate that!


Hi Pete,

new r1.2 build works very well indeed on my PL2. Installed OTA no problems.
I had a lot of trouble with /e/ on an Samsung Galaxy S6 with in call
echo, same on a Nokia 8 NB1, with /e/, with Cherish, etc… But this
device & /e/OS = ideal combo.

Thanks a lot & if you tell me how to, I’d like to donate.

Best regards,

  • Josef

If you would like to donate, I suggest donating to either Lineage OS at LineageOS is creating a free and open source operating system based on Android | Patreon or to microG at microG's profile - Liberapay Without the work of those two organisations and the people who contribute to them, there would be no /e/OS

:top: Android R (beta)

e-1.2-r-20220728206630-dev-PL2.zip [MD5 | SHA256] / recovery-e-1.2-r-20220728206630-dev-PL2.img
e-1.1-r-20220629200015-dev-PL2.zip [MD5 | SHA256] / recovery-e-1.1-r-20220629200015-dev-PL2.img
e-1.0-r-20220527188878-dev-PL2.zip [MD5 | SHA256] / recovery-e-1.0-r-20220527188878-dev-PL2.img
e-0.23-r-20220405175826-dev-PL2.zip [MD5 | SHA256] / recovery-e-0.23-r-20220405175826-dev-PL2.img
e-0.23-r-20220324172928-dev-PL2.zip [MD5 | SHA256] / recovery-e-0.23-r-20220324172928-dev-PL2.img

I would immediately buy a Nokia 6.1 (2018) PL2, install [e-1.2-r-20220728206630-dev-PL2 Android R (beta) and make a donation to /e/ or LOS or MircoG if a reputable person would offer me an unofficial bootloader unlock.


Unlocking the bootloader
IMPORTANT: An official method of unlocking the bootloader is not available, but there may be some unofficial methods available. Unofficial methods are not recommended or supported by LineageOS, so use them at your own risk! An unlocked bootloader is required to install LineageOS.

Or is an official Nokia bootloader ‘unlock’ possible in the meantime, because there is no passage in the /e/ documentation like in the LineageOS Wiki?

Hi Pete,

thanks for your suggestions. I chose, however, to donate to /e/OS
foundation. LineageOS maybe next time.
Thanks for keeping my PL2 alive & all the best,

  • Josef
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Hello Pete,
thanks for your suggestions. However, I donated to the e-foundation. LineageOS maybe some other time.
Cheers, Josef

Hello Pete,

a wile ago you helped me with e/OS on my Nokia PL-2. Can I ask a favour
from you:

I have picked up another Nokia NB1. It was the “flagship” Nokia of the
days & I like it a lot. There’s a very active & friendly telegram group
building various roms for the device (AOSP, Ancient, Cherish, rice…).

One guy, Greek student & coder & rom developer managed to make the NB1
treble compatible & is building PE A13 for the device right now.

Since I like e/OS/ privacy features, I asked this person to build the
e/OS/ rom for me, but he got stuck with it:

“So I started an eOS build yesterday. Cloned the repo, setup the device
tree/vendor tree and co. It went fine until about 60% with an error
about some prebuilt apks not being found”. And

“For some reason the repo tool fails to clone the prebuilt apks, I had
to clone them manually. Maybe that messed something up?” he just wrote me.

Could I put him in touch with you, so maybe you can help him to get past
that hurdle? I’m asking since in e/OS/ it says rom maintainers are kept
anonymous or sth to that effect. I do not want to invade anyone’s
privacy, but it would be nice to be able to use the NB1 with e/OS/.

I’d very much appreciate your help in this.

Best regards from Hagen/ Germany

  • Josef


The problem is caused by the following

If he’s building without docker, he will need to add the android_prebuilts_prebuiltapks_lfs repo to his manifest, and run repo forall -c ‘git lfs pull’ after doing the repo sync.

Feel free to put him in touch if he needs more help


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Hi, just returning to the e-forum after quite a while. Don’t know if you are still interested in the PL2 & unlocking it. I got mine unlocked here: [Guide] How to unlock the bootloader on Nokia Android Phones for free
It’s a free service, but codes are limited per day. You need a windows machine (I used win10 in virtualbox successfully). Just follow the instructions exactly like laid out on the website. The most important step is you don’t forget the “unlock critical” 2nd unlock, or you’ll have to start over. Hope this helps - I unlocked a PL2 and 2 NB1 Nokias this way.

Thanks Pete, most welcome advice. I forwarded your advice & the link to this forum to the rom builder & leave it to him to get in touch with you. Thank you very much for the offer in any case & for your help & best regards from Germany,

  • Josef

Hi Pete,
your advice was exactly what was needed to build the image for the Nokia NB1 successfully. I just received the zip, flashed T-Virus & TWRP & then flashed e/OS/. And now I have a Nokia 8 running A12 /e/OS version 1.5-s-20221029-UNOFFICIAL-NB1. No bugs found yet, seems to work quite well. I’ll do more testing in the coming days.
Thanks very much for your help & all the best,

  • Josef

Hi out there,
almost a year later, still using the trusty old Nokia 6.1 (2018) with /e/OS and this rom:
e-1.8.1-r-20230206257804-dev-PL2.zip (Android 11).
A while ago I found there’s a new Android 12 rom out:
I updated it, dirty flashed it over the old rom with /e/recovery (though I would much rather have used TWRP, but e/OS/ had overwritten that. It is easy enough with /e/recovery, go to the folder where the new rom is stored, open a terminal there & do adb sideload e-1.14-s-20230819321663-dev-PL2.zip). Worked without a hitch; after some 10mins I had my PL2 running Android 12 with all my data & apps & settings untouched.
So far, so good. But sadly, 2 problems using the phone: Battery time is much worse, I guess down by about a third, b) wifi signal is weaker than on the Android 11 rom.
I used A12 for a few days, to see if it was worth keeping. I decided it isn’t, and reverted the whole process. Which means I had to do a clean install, unlike the easy update to A12. Would have loved to have the new security updates & all, but it seems the PL2 does not work well with A12.
Just my feedback, in case s.o. is interested.
Tara, Josef