[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Nothing Phone (1) for /e/OS-T

oh great. Thats sound good and promising when next /e/OS version is available

Hello I installed your build of /e os on spacewar(NP1), newest as of posting. It works well apart, sim disconecting from provider for 2mins in morning. Banking apps work, google accounts work.

I was wondering If I could get the phone source (vendor) from you, I tried to extract it from my device but it didnt pulled few files and build of lineage os 21 crashed.
Since this /e os is build opon lineage and it works on my device, would you be as kind to give tge source? And should i try to extract it from this rom?

You can get spacewar vendor data here:

if you want try yourself you can use this:

Perfect I thank you very much, btw I could do testing or even help hardware wise with builds. I have some free space on hdd. (12600kf and 64gb of ddr4 ram).