[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Nothing Phone 2 (Pong) for /e/OS-T

Unihertz LUNA with MediaTek’s Helio G99 SoC and UFS 2.2 memory is sufficiently fast. The IPS display is very large at 6.81 inches. When you hold the Unihertz Luna in your hand for the first time, you immediately notice that the smartphone is no lightweight. Quite the opposite: at 298 grams, it is also very heavy and bulky at 168 x 76.8 x 10.4 millimetres.

Yes, unfortunately there is no custom ROM for the LUNA yet, but when /e/OS-T GSI is released, it will get one more Google-free chance, but probably without an active rear LED light. But - if you now activate the rear LED light with music-accompanied lighting, the Unihertz Luna doesn’t look like a calm, relaxed moonlight (as the name would suggest), but more like a party iPhone on ecstasy. According to the manufacturer, the LED design is supposedly inspired by ancient oriental philosophy of the round sky - so the name “Luna” makes a little more sense. The loss of the light show will not be painful.

Love the discussion and rabbit trail as I do @Xxpsilon , I’ve got my first bug report for @ronnz98 : vibration doesn’t work. At all. I’ve tried all the settings, but vibration absolutely does not work in any context or capacity.

LMK how I can help solve this when you’ve got time,

Update for /e/OS-T 1.19:


Flash went great; haven’t found any new issues in the build so far!

Vibration (and glyphs) still aren’t working though. Not sure if it helps, but I realized that vibration doesn’t work in OrangeFox, either…is it possible that the two are related?

Thanks again, and please DM me with a paypal/venmo/patreon account when you have a minute.

@voyager529 reports: ... (and glyphs) still aren’t working though.

crDroid Dev @DylanAkp reports:
08-02-2024 Added Glyphify (An alternative app to ParanoidGlyph ...

Yes but the crDroid version is Android 14 only… will be some time until /e/OS support Android 14 ( /e/OS-U ?)

OrangeFox Recovery Stable Releases 2024-02-13