[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] OnePlus One (Bacon) Android Q


Truth is I would like to build /e/ for this device but the process fails because the OS does not fit into the system partition and I haven’t found a better place on the forum to ask for help in cases like this.

Could someone please help?

Also, am I the only one who would like to have the Bacon up to date? Please like this post if you would like the same, so I can understand if it’s worth spending some more time.

Thank you!


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that’s a know issue since a year or more and is noted in issue tracker

This problem now applies to several devices.With [CUSTOM BUILD] minimal eOS pie version the ROM Builder shows how it has outsmarted the ‘bacon’.

The ROM Builder @harvey186 has meanwhile left the /e/Forum completely and devotes himself elsewhere to the topic of unGoogled GSI ‘Q’ and ‘R’ ROM based on pure AOSP Android 10.0 and 11.0 by phh aka phhusson (Pierre-Hugues HUSSON).

One thing I cannot understand though. Raw lineageOS built and installed without issues and there is also the 17.1 available with MicroG. What’s causing the partition size to grow that much?
In the end the /e/OS does not add too much things to the ‘bare’ Lineage + MicroG… or am I wrong here?


Yeah, you’re making a false assumption, which has elementary consequences when building ROMs.
/e/ OS isn’t ‘LineageOS-for-microG’, also a fork of LinenageOS. Only minor changes are made to these LOS ROMs, so microG and F-Droid Store are built in.

ROM builders are needed here at the latest. For example, try to talk to these two excellent /e/ OS ROM builders: @itsclarence and @petefoth


Lineage OS is a ‘bare bones’ system: it has the basic apps - phone, email, sms, browser, calendar, contacts - but not a lot else. It doesn’t even have a built-in app store: either you install a version of GApps with the play store built in, or you add a third-party store like F-Droid or Aurora. It’s great, but there’s a lot the user has to do - some of it quite technical - before their LOS device is ready for everyday use.

LOS also does not provide any infrastructure: you need to go elsewhere to find somewhere that gives you an email address, a platform to sync your files, pictures, music, contacts, calendar, to backup your phone…

Google gives you those things 'out of the box`, providing a complete solution for new user who may not have already have an email address. Just create a Google account, enter the account details in your phone, and you’re ready do to almost anything, with no further ‘fiddling’ to do.

/e/'s aim is to do that too: create an /e/ account, enter the account details in your phone… (It’s not quite there yet: backup and restore is a release or two away, some of the everyday stuff has bugs, but it’s not far off).

So going back to the original question, /e/ OS adds an awful lot of things: file, contacts and calendar sync, an app store, tasks, notes, email, launcher , weather app. Also the lower level stuff - that is present in Google but not in LOS - to make all those features work. All in all around 30 components that are not present in LOS.

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On Samsung or Huawei or other companies this is called ‘Bloat ware’

To put these 30 /e/ OS components in the corner of ‘bloat ware’ is ludicrous.

The microG Services, Simple Dialer, Simple Calendar, Simple Contacts, Simple Gallery, TotalLauncher, Open Camera, Silence, Telegram, K9 Email, F-Droid, Jquarks Browser, Seedvault preinstalled in GSI Full are great FOSS apps, but they belong to the same component categories as the /e/ applications - and nobody is talking about ‘Bloat ware’ here.


First of all thank you @SuzieQ and @petefoth for replying me and for the interesting informations you are sharing (they were available but I have never had the time to follow the threads.
I am just wondering if there’s something among what @NoName161 is calling bloatware that can be safely removed to still have a functional /e/ ROM. In the end I “only” need to shrink the system image by 60MB :slight_smile:.

This is a known issue: the default system image is too big for a number of devices. The workaround is to build with the MINIMAL_APPS flag

The Official ’How to Build the /e/ ROM? document says

if you want to keep a minimal /e/OS build, set the MINIMAL_APPS
environement variable to true (default is false). For now it’s
removing LibreOffice viewer, PDFViewer, Maps and Weather.

So you need to add the following line on your docker run command

  -e "MINIMAL_APPS=true" \

This should reduce the size of the build enough for it to fit in the system partition on your device