[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Oreo/e/ Nexus 9 [flounder_lte] UPDATED 06-03-20

Use at your own risk. I am using this ROM on a daily basis. I hope to provide updates if my build environment keeps working.
Download ROM Here

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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Thanks for the build :slight_smile:

I have been trying for some while to get it to work myself and although mine builds, it will not boot.

Would you share anything you did differently for this device?

I am using the docker build system and am unable to extract the blobs, as the docker doesn’t have adb etc installed.

Are you including proprietary or using a local manifest?

Thanks in advance

HI @mannp What I have had to do is to update with the /e/ docker script

which fails but updates the repositories. Then I use the builde.sh from here
With the Oreo and flounder_lte options
flounder_lte oreo seems to be supported on Lineage so nothing further is needed afaik.
I just did another successful build this way.
I have also built the flounder wifi this way but not tested as I don’t have one.

Hi @vernr thanks for coming back to me and for your help. much appreciated.

I have followed the new community docker howto and as you say it fails.

I am not clear though where you execute your new build script.

Do you copy that script inside the running docker image and execute it in parallel with the running docker, or somehow replace as existing script?

The script is standalone so you run it from a Linux terminal
I use Mint Linux 19.2 for building
First download this file for Nexus 9 LTE
builde Flounder-lte
or this one fr Nexus 9 wifi
Then run this command to update the /e/ repository
sudo docker pull registry.gitlab.e.foundation:5000/e/os/docker-lineage-cicd:community
Then make the builde file executable. For example-
chmod +x builde-flounder-lte.sh
Then open a terminal in the same folder you have this script in and type
This has worked for me. If you have problems there are more expert people in the community who may be able to help.
Good luck

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Ok great thanks for the clarifications.

Your command to update the e repository will just pull the docker image down to your local machine…

I’ll keep looking, but thanks for taking the time to help :slight_smile:

Yes you need to download one of the builde scripts I have links to and run as root or sudo. They run independant to the docker image.
Updated image available with May security update.

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