[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Pi/e/ test ROM for LG G5 (h850)

We are still testing out the upgrade of our source code to Pie.
As part of that effort I have build a Pi/e/ ROM for the LG G5 - “h850”

Before you proceed with the flashing and testing Please read the warning given below very carefully

  • Please note this is a test build.
  • Please take a backup of your data before your proceed.
  • Coming from previous Android Versions i suggest you do a clean flash ( wipe system, data and cache)

If you are Ok with these warnings then you can download the Pi/e/ image for the LG G5 - “h850” is available for download here


Brava! Bravo! Bravi! @Chimpthepimp

The installation was carried out without any problems. Same with the first start and the WiFi connection.

h8501 h8502 h8503 h8504

Further impressions and experiences will be shared after the /e/ test plan scenarios.


The Pi/e/ test ROM e-0.8-p-20200413-UNOFFICIAL-h850 comes like the official downloads /e/ for h850 dev (nougat) without an analog FM radio app, although the hardware is designed for it. With LG stockROM Android 7.0 & 8.0.0, FM Radio App version 6.20.6 is shipped (Image #4)

fmradio-homescreen fmradio-installed

fmradio-keepsstopping LGG5h850_FMRadio_6.20.6
Lineage has recently listed it in Device info under Peripherals : FM radio, but has not (yet) implemented it in the current builds. It seems to me that the software features not integrated by Lineage do not appear in the /e/ OS build either.

For testing purposes I installed the software & app FMRadio FM2 Lineage-16/AOSP which works with AOSP Pie ROMs. The screenshot #1 next to the weather app on the bottom right shows the FM Radio icon.

Even though META-INF, AndroidManifest, classes.dex, resources.arsc, etc. is installed next to the FM2.apk, the FM2 app does not work. The reason for this will be that “fmradio.lib” is not enabled in the kernel and “libqcomfm_jni.so” is not located in /system/lib64.

Elsewhere @Manoj has stated

The build script for all devices is the same so there is no reason the FM radio should be missing on a particular device.

For the OS Build Teams it should not be a big effort to add “FM Radio” to the “CUSTOMS PACKS” and activate “fmradio.lib” in the kernel.

I’m curious to see who will get there first: LineageOS or /e/ OS.

By the way: FM Radio is available in Pi/e/ test ROM for Mi Redmi Note 7 (lavender) “Installed applications (for my test)”

Voir la liste


I also found the app in the package list of my buildfolder… i wll try a build with specified fmradio to be build in script, lets see if that changes things…

Thanks for giving it a shot. I appreciate your dedication, @Chimpthepimp
Maybe it is also possible that the next test build will include the Android Security patch level 5. April 2020.Tthere are a lot of critical and high security vulnerabilities.

Changes for h850 android_build

Update Security String to 2020-04-05 Bug:149240442 (cherry picked from commit ...

Update Security String to 2020-04-01 Bug:149240442 (cherry picked from commit ...

build failed… https://del.dog/ifyqapecra.txt

I will try to make contact with the two maintainers npjohnson and x86cpu.

The much-maligned camera module LG CAM Plus (CBG-700.AEUASVP) does not work with any custom ROM: lineage-17.1-202004* or /e/ dev (nougat) or /e/ OS Test build e-0.8-p-20200413-UNOFFICIAL. Too bad, because the camera takes great pictures with srockROM Oero 8.0.0.

new build should be up in half an hour, same link as in the main post :slight_smile:

Installation with OrangeFox Recovery as an alternative to TeamWin - TWRP Recovery.

orange1 orange3 orange4

June 7, 2020 | Android Security patch level 5. Mai 2020 | Android Security Updates

salutehutziehen @Chimpthepimp :clap: :clap: