[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Pi/e/ test ROM for the MiA1 tissot

i also faced this bugs concerning the GPS support resp. localization services in an older test release. unfortunately it doesn’t only affect the the magic earth app, but makes the whole OS rather unstable and error prone, because the localization API is used in many places and the resulting timeouts are often not handled very well. :frowning:

this GPS related troubles seam to be gone after an update a few weeks ago (i don’t have the phone by hand, to report the exact release date), but now the device is plagued by displaying all images in inverted colors again… :frowning:

i frankly have to say, i’m a little bit frustrated about this abrupt worsening of the Mi A1 support in /e/ and the unforeseeable delay of a more acceptable Pi release for this particular device.

i also don’t get, why we can’t utilize more comfortable OTA upgrade support in the test-images, once the first upgrade to Pi has happened? it would make it significantly less painful for beta testers to actually utilize and upgrade their devices more frequently and fix the remaining bugs by help of their feedback and bug reports. i really think, the actual state of things isn’t very helpful in this respect.

sorry, for this rather unsatisfied feedback… but i think, it’s about the time, to finally articulate this perspective as well.

Great OTA update dated 2191016! Thank you @Manoj.

Where can I download it? Or maybe do a backup with TWRP?

The last update posted was dtd Oct 8 which had sprint 1 fixes. You can download it from this same thread here
This build was made on the /e/ infra which means it will almost the same as what will be available officially except for the keys and the title which will change.

@rhunault is planning on a release schedule for the official builds - which means oreo and pie updates. The list of devices to be updated is huge. Unfortunately not many team members available who can help him set up the infra. Los 15.1 to 16.0 is a manual process so have to provide documentation as well. The releases will be a few devices at a time.

Hey @Manoj, my m1 A1 with your latest build installed shows me 2 available OTA updates. Can i install the pie update or is this an mistake?

Thanks for pointing this out @JJoerg but I am not sure the OTA update will work in this case. We are planning on releasing official Pie /Oreo builds for a range of device and were making some changes on the /e/ infra. As you may be aware the default Lineage Update App does not allow Os upgrades. We are making some changes on our end to remove this limitation. As you might be aware we also have some users who are helping with the testing of the builds. The 16th Oct build is a test ROM for Pie built on the /e/ build infrastructure.That is the version I have on my phone for the past couple of days without issues. What is showing up is the test build. May have to figure out a way to hide the test builds so as to not confuse users.

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I did the OTA update to 16102019 and it worked OK.

the last update is 24102019 and is not available for OTA.

hmm – it’s hardly comprehensibly what’s going on with all this “unofficial builds” and its even more unofficial private concurrency provided by some private contributors, which also flood this forum with their auto-generated announcement spam in a very unpleasant frequency.

that’s at least, how i personally interpret this current pie-image-distribution chaos – but maybe i’m totally wrong, and the “unofficial builds” are indeed official ones and /e/ finally lost control control over its clean and trustworthy software distribution channels…

Hi @mash please refrain from criticizing users who are spending time and effort building unofficial ROM’s for other users. If you think these ROM’s are unsafe do not use it.
In case you have browsed the web, you would see that sites like XDA also do have a large compliment of unofficial builds. It is based on the success of the user tests of these unofficial builds that we decide which devices should eventually get on the officially supported list.

dear @Manoj!

sorry - but in this particular case i’m not able to share your point of view and keep quiet!

but in fact im not so much criticizing this "users who are spending time and effort building unofficial ROM’s ", but rather the /e/ maintainers, which somehow let it happen, that user actually do not know anymore, where to get save /e/-updates. that’s a really unpleasant state of affairs and i don’t want to accept it as utterly insignificant and free of any serious consequences and dangers.

if i would be satisfied with this other more common android alternatives and hacks provided via XDA regarding its privacy and security standards, i simply wouldn’t be interested in /e/ at all, but rather use this other images.
but i’m coming from a debian background and therefore know, that even in the free software world, where most work is done by voluntary idealists, development and binary distribution can be handled in a much more transparent and careful way!

maybe the debian distribution example is a little bit to rigid and inflexible as a positive role model for /e/, but we all know, how much development efforts and discussions were already spend in this other huge open software projects, to make them better and more save to use. i personally really do not want do miss perfectly reproducible builds, trustworthy packet signing and a minimal set of policy rules, which somehow describe the process of responsible contribution resp. foreseeable consequences for all users affected by activities carried out under the banner of the corporate project.

nevertheless i do not want express only worries and doubts.
i was really happy, when i read your message yesterday, that the situations will very soon become more clear again and “official builds” are already on the way!
sure – i can easily wait a few more days – and i think, all others will do as well – but we somehow need at least the necessary information about the actual road map and reliable test images which are verifiable coming from the official /e/ maintainers to prevent trojan horses and other disappointing forms of abuse of this really encouraging project.


I tested the ROM yesterday. I can report that it works well and seems stable enough. Thanks Mi A1 team.

Managed to upgrade to the 16oct build. Is there anything else that needs testing?

October 24th , @Freddie

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Is there a link for that version? @Erekoze

Here it is: E Unoficial 24-10-2019 tissot, @Freddie

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@Manoj Is Mi A1 still likely to get bumped to official pie release? Are the tests going well?

Hi @Freddie We should have official support very soon for MiA1 . I am running test build made on the /e/ Infra structure and it works smoothly. Our problem is we have a very small team which handles build and updates. So cannot give any ETA. To give you an idea in the last one year the dev+ build team size has remained almost constant while the user base has grown at least ten times!!


That’s great news. I’m really happy to wait for this.

That’s great! It’s already working very smoothly!

The latest test build for MiA1 tissot is available here

link is no longer avaiable?