[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Pi/e/ test ROM for the MiA1 tissot

As some of you may be aware we are testing out the upgrade of our source code to Pie.
As part of that effort I had built a Pi/e/ ROM for my MiA1 tissot. Have been using it on my main driver for the last 1 week. Not faced any issues or crashes - so far.

[Read the warnings very carefully]

  • Please note this is a test build.
  • Please take a backup of your data before your proceed.
  • Flashing on top of nougat - oreo builds will not work and can result in a bootloop
  • I had the Official /e/ Oreo build on my MiA1 - directly flashing the Pi/e/ ROM on top of the Oreo build resulted in my phone having no audio ! All the apps were working but there was absolutely no sound. So I had to upgrade the firmware on my phone. The steps I followed are given below
  • I flashed the latest stock MiA1 ROM tissot_images_V10.0.9.0.PDHMIXM_20190514.0000.00_9.0_3ded3e7b82.tgz - this was the latest Stock build at the time of flashing.
  • To flash the MiA1 ROM I used the MiFlash version Mi Flash 2018-5-28
    Please note MiFlash has a particular way in which it works - follow the steps as given in the download page to flash the Stock Pie ROM.
  • Once the Pie ROM is flashed check if it is working - especially audio
  • Next enable developer options on the phone and reboot to fastboot
  • boot the TWRP image in the fastboot mode . I used twrp-3.3.0-2-tissot.img available for download here
  • In TWRP wipe screen I had clicked the format data button on the lower side to remove encryption
  • then wiped system + data + cache
  • there were a number of red lines in twrp …Failed to mount ‘/vendor’ (invalid argument)… ignored all that !!
  • Download the Pi/e/ image available here
  • Flashed the Pi/e/ image from TWRP

Rebooted and the phone was working as expected.

  • There are a few apps like the /e/ setup is not fully integrated as yet. At first boot it will ask you to choose between Trebuchet and Bliss Launcher. Rest applications work as in Oreo.

If you are Ok with all these warnings then take the Pi /e/ test ROM for a spin

All the best !!!


I like it! Works fine, just fine. Have problems with screen and night mode (It simply doesn’t wannt to go!)

Really nice job!

By Night mode do you mean the Night Light setting … I am also experimenting with Pie features … there is a Night Light which you can set to start and end at a scheduled time.

Thanks for your work, @Manoj ! If we have a MI A1 with Pie (Android), not with /e/ (Oreo), could we install your build by just following the regular install instructions in the wiki, without having to flash MiA1 Stock ROM?


If you mean directly on top of MiA1 with the latest version of the Pie ROM then yes it works. As I mentioned in the initial post it does not work on top of /e/ official Oreo build. I had to flash the latest MiA1 Pie ROM before flashing this Pi/e/ build for it to work.

Thanks @manoj, yes, that’s what I ment. Thank you very much for explaining!:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @manoj, if we install this unofficial build now, will we have to manually install the official /e/ Pie ROM once released, or would we be able to do it OTA?


OTA would not work. You will have to flash the first official build manually and then the OTA will start working.

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lovely! Thank you, @manoj

Downloaded and ready to give it a go.

All working here. Seems stable enough.

Hi, somebody can tell me if this rom os compatible with Xiaomi mi5x?

No this ROM is only for the MiA1 tissot. It will not work on other devices and can cause other devices to ‘brick’.

The latest test Pi/e/ tissot build is available for download here please note the build version number has also change and it is now 0.7xxxx
No changelogs available for the moment on test builds.

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Thanks @Manoj for your post(s) and instructions.

Switched over from the Oreo build and almost everythings seems to run smooth.

Does anyone know how long it takes until files and gallery are synced with ecloud.global?


EDIT: It’s syncing right now. It took around 2-3 hours after adding the account.

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Thank yo very much @Manoj Really good job

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Hi Tom , Thanks for testing the build . Some of the apps are still in the process of being upgraded to work with Pie. My guess is it would take us atleast a month more to get all the apps in place. You can check the progress of the development here.
I would be sharing the latest updated test builds on a regular basis with all.

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I’m on pie can i install eelo without downgrade?

Well if you wanna install /e/ oreo you better downgrade to oreo stock, cuz on my whyred (Redmi Note 5) if i install /e/ oreo on pie stock firmware my simcards dont work, but you should better try by yourself. Also here is tissot pie build it should work correctly with pie firmware Pi/e/ test ROM for the MiA1 tissot

Yes. Please read the instructions given here