[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Pi/e/ test ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S4mini - *"serranoltexx"*

@Manoj could you make the main post editable for me so i can adjust the link in it? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Pl check now have made it into a wiki.

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Hi jannes, thanks for the build, I installed it today, but I already see that it is fine!!!

One question if I can: will you keep updating it from time to time, or will it stand still in June?

Thanks anyway! :+1:


I will update it as long as it wont get official… These past months i was busy with studies but that should be finished for now :slight_smile:


After some days of regular use, I can say that the Pie unofficial build for serranoltexx is working fine.
I hope that will be one of the /e/ supported devices! :crossed_fingers:


Hi @Chimpthepimp - sounds like great work! Still hard for me to believe that PIE is possible on the S4 mini. So I would like to give it a try.

I am still a real beginner. I have just successfully flashed for the first time a custom rom: /e/OS on my old S4 mini (GT-I9195). And it works! Now I am very keen on learning and getting more practice, as I really think /e/ is a great project (I already switched my personal phone to an S7 edge from the /e/-store).

I have 2 small questions

  • I installed /e/os nougat with TWRP 3.3.1. (not the latest version 3.4.0 as this apparently provoked in some cases an error 7 as written in this thread thread). Would you recommend me to update TWRP to 3.4.0 for the installation of the pie version or can I go on with 3.3.1.?

  • Just to be sure I understand correctly: BEFORE installing I start TWRP > Wipe > and then select system, data and cache (and nothing else such as e.g. Dalvik/ ART cache)? Afterwards I can directly install the zip file of the PIE version - is that correct?




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Actually i have the 3.4.0 running on my s4mini just fine :slight_smile: but it really is upto you, stick to the one that is working for you :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I stayed with TWRP Transition to PIE was very smooth. Great work!

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Hi Jannes (@Chimpthepimp),
do you know if the S4mini has passed the tests to go among the official ones?

i’m new to /e/ OS, but it’s for sure all what i want.
Question: is pie the most recent version of android that is available as downloadable /e/ for s4 mini I-9195?

Yes !
Welcome to /e/Land !
i use this serie of build since a year now, without any problem.
i like this small /e/phone


thanx for your email.

your link is sending me to a download page where the most recent version of /e/ for my device is 0.9p from june 2020, while i already have found version 0.13n from december: is that the best you can do?



Our friend @Chimpthepimp who builded for this device has no disponibilitiies in the moment to update or upgrade.

Sources are open, manifest is available for someone who ask

if /e/ for my device is at version 0.9p from june 2020, that’s perfectly fine by me: big up to everyone who’s taking time to develop & maintain those ROMS anyway !

it’s just that i don’t understand why the download link i receive from the official /e/ community stops at that version, when it’s possible to download version 0.13n elsewhere since this month.

it’s like if i had informations that you guys don’t have, which would be surprising

Or is there several teams to develop /e/ for S4 mini simultaneously ?


@Chimpthepimp will be back in april because of his job.
In the meantime you can test my unofficial Q-build if you want to.
If you’re coming from p, please backup your device and make a clean flash. Let me know the outcome and enjoy…


ah kool ! i’ll try that, thank you.

Thank you again @itsclarence,
I will try it as soon as possible.

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How has e-0.14-q-20201223-UNOFFICIAL-serranoltexx been working out for you?
If nobody complains about bugs, that seems to be a good sign…