[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Pi/e/ test ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 - *"mido"*

here you can find the build but keep in mind i myself havent had any time to test…

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@Chimpthepimp, the first impression is very good. The system startup and the applications run smoothly and smoothly.

As announced, only a minimum of apps is pre-installed. The /e/ Apps Store was left outside. I like the feature FM Radio, analog with RDS.


Picture 5 + 6 show the OpenLauncher I added alternatively and only FOSS apps from the F-Droid App Store. Open Camera with original camera API and Camera2 API.

Without going into details, I can’t see any major difference in handling compared to a very good ASOP 10 build, whereby I appreciate the privacy protection provided by /e/ OS above all.

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Glad that you are happy with it :slight_smile: as i only use fdroid or aurora, i took out the /e/appstore aswell :slight_smile:


Hi, I would have two clarifications to ask you …

  1. updating to your latest release, open camera has disappeared, there is no icon, but F-Droid detects it and prevents me from installing it … result: it seems to be there but I don’t have an icon and I can’t use it, I can’t install it, I can’t uninstall it … I can’t put Opencamera back, how can I uninstall it if I don’t find it among the installed apps?
    Instead, for example, FM Radio is there.
  2. Snoopsnitch detects Android updates until December 2019. It seems that those of January and February 2020 are missing.

What do you think about it?

Thank you

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hello @VitTh,
thanks for your reply and feedback.
concerning your first point, I’ve started a new build with open camera back in the preinstalled apps list, i hope it will help your problem, the build should be finished within the day. :slight_smile:
as for your second point, i dont really have an idea about it first of i dont have a mido to test on anymore, maybe i succeed to revive my testing mido… otherwise i hope it is fixed in the upcoming build, as well as i hope that mido will get an official update from /e/-team to pi/e/ version so we dont rely on personal test builds anymore.
i hope i could clarify a bit, best regards,

Yes, that would be good and the chances aren’t bad at all, because …

It’s probably only a question of time…

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as promised you can find the build here, but be aware i haven’t had the time nor device to check right away…so as usually flash on your own responsibility :smiley:

Thank you. Mido is my only smartphone and i can’t risk bricking it to test your rom… if i had another smartphone i could do the test but i can’t. I think I will leave /e/ because the updates to pie or oreo for Mido have not been seen for too long for me. evidently it isn’t worth it for the /e/ staff. However, fortunately, there are other viable more up-to-date alternatives.
thank you all

i m not sure but i think the pi/e/ upgrade is on its way… but good luck anyway :slight_smile:

the staff in the past also said that they would go from nougat to oreo but it’s still stuck in nougat (meaningless to me but I understand that resources are limited) … if regarding what has been said so far and what has been done, I’m sure they won’t. For me it isn’t a problem, there are alternatives and I don’t need to change smartphones until I find valid alternatives. Good stay and thank you! :grinning:

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it s more that i hope i could push it a little bit internally but as you say resources are limited and everyone wants a save update and no bricked devices or lost data during update processes. i can ping you here once the update is there, whenever that might be :slight_smile :smiley: until then all the best :slight_smile:

thank you very much but don’t worry. evidently the number of Mido users is low and therefore it doesn’t make sense to commit resources for a few units…

Hi, just for the info for the others, I have tried the newest build and it gave me the bootloop. Luckily I had created a backup first.

If this is the case, it would be a pity for /e/, because another custom ROM based on Android 10 had well over 800 downloads in 02/2020 and now in 03/2020 already well over 500. Android 1Q acts like a magnet for power users. Freedom and privacy probably only play a minor role.

Sorry for the delay in my reply, i took down the faulty build, am not sure what caused the bootloop, thanks for reporting @tomiknez. Also there is a new build i did this weekend. I have some free time this week, i will hopefully fix my mido and can test my builds again… :slight_smile:

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Allright good news, this build is working, but it contains the reduced apps list i mentioned some post before already. i will start another one with full applist. sorry for the inconvenience… @manoj i also tested the direct and dirty upgrade from dev-nougat to this unofficial pi/e/ build, everything is working as it should :slight_smile: even with encryption turned on…

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Thanks for checking that out @Chimpthepimp

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And here you can find the build with apps-store and open camera and all that stuft :slight_smile:

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The testing for official upgrade to pie for mido will start soon, have a look if you are willing to test andmay help out here

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I think the file has been removed from the server. Please check on it.