[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Pi/e/ test ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 - *"mido"*

As some of you may be aware we are testing out the upgrade of our source code to Pie.
As part of that effort we have a Pi/e/ ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 - “mido”
Before you proceed with the flashing and testing Please read the warning given below very carefully

  • Please note this is a test build.

  • Please take a backup of your data before your proceed.

  • Coming from previous Android Versions i suggest you do a clean flash ( wipe system, data and cache)

If you are Ok with these warnings then you can download the Pi/e/ image for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 - “mido” is available for download here

Feedback and comments are welcome.


This is my Pi/e/ Test Build for MIDO as requested, it is from 18/08/2019


Thanks for the great job! @VitTh good news for you :wink:

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Yes very good! I hope it will soon become official beta … because my Mido is my only smartphone, in this period I have to check e-mails and pecs frequently and I can’t test a less stable rom than the current /e/…


Here you can find an unofficial update from today for the pi/e/ version of mido. I did a dirty flash and everything seems to be working.


Waouh ! So amazing !!
Just tried, works already perfectly, thanks so much :slight_smile:

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Really great!
Tested the unofficial Pie for a few days now and it is just stable and performs really smoothly (much smoother than the Pie GSI image). If feels just ready for every day use.

What could be improved:

  • Standard text size is for my feeling a bit small (esp… for “mums and dads” :slight_smile: ).
  • Notch settings. With regards to my other phone I was surprised not to find any kind of notch settings. Maybe they are hiding well… maybe they are switched-off, as Mido does not have a notch.
  • Missing OTA of course… and unpatiently waiting for official PIE now.

You can change the font size in settings>display>fontsize, don’t know if that is enough for you…
And as you mentioned this is a device specific build and no gsi, there is no notch for mido, but you can find also apps and i think also magisk modules for the notches…
But i’m glad that you guys like it, i will try to give some updates in this thread so keep an eye on it :slight_smile:


Thanks, sure I can change font size. Just wanted to mention that it could be a bit bigger for the standard setting.
The notch thing was just an observation - as vanilla Android apparently includes notch settings. Would bee great if /e/ could handle that as well out of the box.

You can post feature requests in some section of this forum, maybe they are better heard there, as i am only a build-bot that fuses sources in a build :sweat_smile:

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I don’t know why and what kind of notch setting you want to have, but I’ve found an option in the developer options.


Probably that’s it - and I did not search carefully enough. Thanks.

Great news for mido owners :slight_smile: I would like to know what it takes for a build to become official and have OTA updates, if testers are reporting good feedback ?


Hi @awal some of the factors taken into account to add a device to the Official list or get an upgrade are as under :

  • Number of users requesting for an OS upgrade in the Request a device category
  • If the device can be supported OTA. Some devices have issues and cannot be upgraded OTA will share the exact details in another post
  • If it already has official LOS 16.0 support - not necessary but makes it easier for /e/ to upgrade as the device sources would be easily available
  • last but not the least availability of space on the /e/ infrastructure and ability to add a new device to the build process

thank you @Manoj for the clarification, and the quick answer :sunglasses:

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Does anyone coul’d success pass safetynet ? I’m trying but I can’t.

Yes thank you ! I forgot to say with magisk installed. Does anyone has magisk installed + safetynet pass ?

I do, but same for me… Apparently it is due to some changement on googles api site.

Thanks for the information ! Hope there will fast be a fix from the Magisk community.
The rest of the ROM is still almost perfect, a huge thanks !

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