[UnOfficial Build] Q & R | Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 series | MIATOLL (curtana, joyeuse, excalibur, gram)


  • For R install first flash last firmware
  • Download the latest build
  • Reboot to recovery
  • Wipe cache/dalvik and format data
  • Flash the latest build
  • Reboot


ROM OS Version: Android 10 (Q) / Android 11 (R)
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
ROM Firmware Required: Unlocked bootloader

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created : 2021-03-24
Last Updated : 2021-09-29

LeddaZ, erfanoabdi

If you are satisfy by my work and want an “OFFICIAL” support for our phone, leave a comment.
More people = more chance to have it.

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thanks a lots for the build …

i will be able to unlock my redmi note 9 pro in 3hours, is there any step by step tutorial, for installing LOS 18.1 ?
thanks a lots

…for installing LOS ? why ? :thinking:
Is a forum for /e/, not for other distribution.

But I can suggest you to look xiaomitool.
For installing my /e/ ROM I use the TWRP installed by this tools.

Thank a lot sir!
Could you please add to the post some screenshots with abilities of your build? I understand they’re the same as for eOS but I’m interested in specific features (now I’ve Joyeuse).

Hi there is no specific features. It’s a eOS stock port for miatoll devices.
But now I’m looking for using ANX camera…but it will probably never be include in this ROM

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I am wondering is there any notable things that aren’t working on the redmi note 9s

48 Mpx (“software mod” from MIUI cam) don’t work.
But with OpenCamera all rear/front camera works separately.
Still at the same step with ANX… can’t get it work.

Of course you can. I’m on /e/ Community support…Is not this one ?

I wonder, have you made any process with this method, which I was thinking of trying with Redmi Note 9 (merlin)?

its not too hard, you first need to copy the xml files from /system/vendor/etc/device-features/ from your stock MIUI rom to /sdcard/.ANXCamera/features/
Next you need to find a supported device that is as similar as possible, similar cam resolution, similar amount of cams and similar cam functions. You copy the cheatcodes of this device from /sdcard/.ANXCamera/cheatcodes/cheatcodes.json, edit them to your device and paste them back into the file. Then you just use ANXCamera Pro from play store and en/disable features through trial and error until it works. /quote ANX ,Telegram.

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I have been using this ROM for 4 weeks or so and as far as I can tell, it’s flawless.
Great job Corentin!

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It should work. I have only curtuna device (Redmi Note 9s).

Try this TWRP

good job guys keep going

Thank you kindly for the build; and please do continue.

Thank your for the updates and continue your work

Redmi Note 9 Pro Max. Model M2003J6B1I.

Did anybody have MIUI zip to make me able to extract need files for testing ANX ?

Do you need the whole ROM.zip? By this do you mean a ROM dump?

In my post above I copied a method given by ANX.

He suggested you need a copy of
and I suggest

from the device.

He indicated these files have to come from a running MIUI, but with careful installation, I have them preserved within /e/. (merlinnfc - sorry not one of yours!)

Do you think those files from one of your target devices would be useful to you? Or do you need something else for a different plan?

Bon chance

In fact I only need files you suggest :


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