[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Redmi Note 8 /e/ OS - Android -10 (Q)

Download Unofficial ROM /e/ os :

Images: https://ibb.co/album/r77Ztm

facing any problem contact: https://t.me/joinchat/JzRuhxJNz_6_kaS1ohUWWA

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I suppose this works also on Redmi Note 8T? At least these two usually have unified builds.

Can you say what is expected to work and is there something not working? (does camera have red tint issue with main camera?)

Also do you co-operate with dev who released this build:

I suppose not, but your build is newer I see.

yes it is unified ROM both for RN8/8T there is no issue in camera but there was a problem with bluetooth which will be sorted soon before official release. thanks

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So apparently you’re maintainer of official build, nice to know & respect! Is there any ETA when official build will be released? And also sorry for asking since this might be one of most annoying questions… ':smiley: But since it seems release might be close, decided to ask anyway.

Edit: Do you @hpnightowl think it could be possible (if not already default for all) to provide official build as user build instead of userdebug?


That would at least help to pass some root detecting libraries*. Sure some apps requires SafetyNet too, but one step closer is always bit better.

  • = tested in this thread:

Hi there, made an account to give feedback on the build
Two weeks of testing done on it, used as daily driver and all

•It works really well
•Bluetooth doesn’t work
•The notification LED doesn’t stop blinking, and i don’t find an option for it in the configurations
•Seems to cut off connections to services like whatsapp web when the phone locks itself or at random time intervals, which is a lot more annoying than it sounds
•microG doesn’t seem to integrate well here for some reason, the logged account i gave it worked nowhere
•Offline contacts that i imported to the contacts app seem to not transfer well to the phone app, as i get calls with numbers instead of contact names, happens to signal as well, although weirdly enough not to whatsapp

The build so far, for my use, didn’t crash, nor cause any problems outside of the above. I’m willing to give more feedback as more test builds are released. Keep up the good work!