[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Tab A7 (2020) - LTE version (SM-T505 - gta4l) for /e/OS-T

Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Tab A7 (2020) - LTE version (SM-T505 - gta4l) for /e/OS-T 1.16

Please see sources and install instructions including recovery here:

I do not own the devices, so anyone who is brave enough can test the build.

Use it at you own risk!
Please support the developer(s)!

Can you please try to build a /e/OS-T for the Wi-Fi only version Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (2020) SM-T500 (gta4lwifi)?

There is not T500 version, but #79 comment refer to someone able to run it on the T500


I failed to install your /e/OS-T (SM-T505) ROM on my Galaxy Tab A7 2020 (SM-T500) Wi-Fi- only. TWRP 3.6.1 (gta4lwifi) recovery aborts the /e/OS-T installation very quickly.

you might ask in the XDA forum how LTE version can be installed on Wifi version Tab

According to DEV @chrmhoffmann it does not work.

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Apr 18, 2023
Mihot7Forever said:
will it work on non-lte model?


Updates for /e/OS-T 1.17:

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 2020 (LTE) (gta4l) is now officially supported:


The Wifi version at least now unofficially supported, please see sources:


The maintainer of the unofficial version lineage-20.0-20231115-UNOFFICIAL-gta4lwifi is the same maintainer @chrmhoffmann of the official LineageOS 20.0 build lineage-20.0-20231119-nightly-gta4l-signed.

I was able to successfully install the unofficial build lineage-20.0-20231115-UNOFFICIAL-gta4lwifi along with its LOS recovery by @chrmhoffmann.

However, I was not able to install the @ronnz98 Build e-1.17-t-20231122-UNOFFICIAL-gta4lwifi_by_ronnz98. The e-Recovery cancels the installation with error message 1.



I also failed to install @ronnz98 Build with the LineageOS-20.0 Recovery. Here too, the installation was aborted with the same error message.

I have started multiple installations of @ronnz98 Build, but none were successful.

Thanks for testing! Will do another build when sources are updated and/or 1.18 is final

Please try WIFI version again-hopefully should work now!

The Wifi version is now also officially supported!

Great! Can you please build a /e/OS-T v1.18? You can be sure of feedback from me.

Suggestion: Security User/Release Keys instead of Test Keys



It’s done - /e/OS-T with e-Recovery is installed on my SM-T500 and runs at first sight. Hurray!

But it was a very difficult, hour-long birth, because I had to completely install Samsung Stock Android three times, including the bootloader unlocking process.

First I tried to install LineageOS 20.0 OFFICIAL twice, then /e/OS-T by @ronnz98 once. Three times the installations failed at a very early stage in the same way - i.e. already after flashing the vbmeta.

Samsung BIOS error message:

Only officially released bineries are allow to be flashed (vbmeta) + Security Error



I proceeded meticulously as described in the Lineage installation instructions. After flashing the vbmeta, I was done. I was unable to perform the second step, flashing the recovery, because the system kept getting stuck in the same place after a reboot (see screenshot 1).

The solution was finally to install an older vbmeta and TWRP recovery, which I had already used successfully to install a crDroid-GSI. Contrary to the lineage instructions, I installed both files at the same time: TWRP in the AB slot, vbmeta in the USERDATA slot of Odin (heimdall).

When the TWRP was running, I installed the e-Recovery T-V1.18 permanently and then the @ronnz98 ROM /e/OS-T V.18.

The next manual update will be very easy, because it can be installed without a PC, but with an SD card in the SM-T500 via adb sideload without data loss. Note: Not every device with e-Recovery offers this option.



I am looking forward to other user experiences.

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We expect to release these upgrade builds along with v1.20 by mid-Feb 2024

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 2020 (LTE) gta4l
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 2020 (Wi-Fi) gta4lwifi

[LIST] Devices which will be getting upgraded to /e/OS T - Part II


:white_check_mark: works: e-Recovery by @ronnz98
:white_check_mark: works: Build e-1.18-t-20231213-UNOFFICIAL-gta4l by @ronnz98
:white_check_mark: works: 4G LTE (incoming & outgoing calls)