[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy J5 2015 (j5nlte) /e/OS Pie

Hi everyone !

The j5nlte is currently officially supported by the e Foundation but only on Oreo.

I have built a Pie version. You will find a new build at least once a month (after a big changement in /e/OS or after a big fix or in the middle of every month to have the last security update) until my phone is lost or broken (I don’t plan to change it, nor to break it).

I use this phone as my daily drive, so this build (and every others coming in the future) has been tested before being released to you (on a SM-J500FN model). I have only deeply tested the first build, for the next ones I will only see if they boot correctly and wait a few hours before uploading them.
If an update breaks something, it’s probably an issue on the e Foundation side and not on my side.

What’s working :

  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Calls
  • SMS
  • LTE
  • Hotspot WiFi
  • Microphone
  • Call speaker
  • Speaker
  • Gyroscope (orientation)
  • Proximity sensor
  • Vibration
  • Front camera (and flash)
  • Rear camera (and flash)
  • Buttons (all)

What’s not working and is already not working in the official /e/OS Oreo :

  • DRM : you won’t be able to watch DRM protected content, like on Netflix or similar streaming apps.
    It works on LineageOS 17.1 (Android 10/Q) for j5nlte so it will probably work on /e/ when /e/ will support Android 10.

  • SafetyNet : you won’t be able to use apps that need your phone to pass SafetyNet, a certification from Google, but /e/ doesn’t have the Google Play Services and MicroG can’t fake SafetyNet anymore, meaning you can’t have this certification. You won’t be able to connect to Snapchat or use some banking apps for instance.

  • NFC : there aren’t NFC settings. I’m not even sure this phone has NFC, but on LineageOS 17.1 there were settings and a toggle for NFC. So if this phone has NFC, it will probably work once /e/ will support Android 10.

  • Google Cloud Messaging in MicroG doesn’t start : to receive notifications thanks to MicroG, you need to open the Dialer and enter/call this code : *#*#2432546#*#*
    One minute later, MicroG will work properly. Do it before installing any app needing notifications.

  • Encryption : if you try to encrypt your phone, it will restart without encrypting it. To make encryption possible, you need to go into TWRP > Wipe > Advanced Wipe > select Data > Repair or Change File System > Resize File System > swipe to confirm. Reboot into the system and try to encrypt again, this time it will work.

  • TWRP can’t decrypt : once the phone is encrypted, TWRP isn’t able to access the Data partition, meaning you can’t use the Backup and Restore feature for instance.

What’s not working but is working in the official /e/OS Oreo :

  • OTA updates : like the big majority of unofficial builds, you will have to install each update (the zip file) in TWRP (with sideload or the Install tab).
    (Actually OTA updates didn’t work for me on /e/ Oreo but I don’t know if it’s the case for everyone.)

What’s better than the official Oreo build :

  • All Android Pie features.
  • I have at least 500 MB of additional free storage compared to Oreo, which is a lot for a 8 GB smartphone.

What should I choose ?

  • The only positive thing about the official /e/ Oreo is the OTA updates (when it works).

  • You may think the official Oreo is more stable/safe but actually there is no tester for the j5nlte, so the dev team can’t check if a new version will break everything or not.
    With this unofficial build, you will always be sure it worked for at least one person : me.

  • Everything is working, and what’s not working is also not working on the official /e/ Oreo. So you should definitely upgrade to Pie.

Download the last build here ! Bookmark this link to easily check for updates. Of course, I’m not responsible if your phone explode or other bad things.

You can learn how to install /e/OS (and this build) with Windows here.

If you are already on /e/ Oreo, you can simply install this build from TWRP like an update, it worked for me. Do a backup before, it’s always a good thing.
But I recommend to wipe Dalvik / ART Cache, Data, Internal Storage, Cache and System, and then install /e/ Pie because this way you will have a super clean installation.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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A newbie who wants to build /e/ Pie, possible?

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A new build is available (June security updates).

Hey Anonyme,

Thanks for the build!

Could you please paste somewhere the command you used to create this image? The posts where you tell your (success!) story are a bit to heavy to digest for me, could you please make a résumé?


References :

Here is how I build now a lot of unofficial builds without error :

The last Debian without any desktop environment (because I have only 6 GB of RAM and my laptop is freezing with desktop environment, even light ones), so only a terminal.

I don’t use docker but the manual method, based on a script I made but you can use the one from Harvey, the 161.sh script (they are quite similar).

And if you have issues… Read all the not digest topics to find solutions :yum:

PS : I told I would make a HOWTO for newbies and that’s still the plan but I have also other things to do. One day it will come.

Do not hesitate to create a topic for the build you want to make and ask for help.

I managed to build a Pie-version which I didn’t test so far

Download : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=8889791610682926572

Rom : e-0.11-p-20200830-UNOFFICIAL-j5nlte.zip
As always, use at your own risk and make a backup first.

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I tried itsclarence’s q build (cf. https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=10763459528675559823 ), but apparently I can’t phone. The connection will be started, but neither I can’t hear the other person nor the other person hears me. In preferences, under apps, when looking at dialer app, it states that the dialer app has never asked for its permission to use the microphone.

Missed I something to easily enable phone? Or should I go back to Pie?

Regards, P.

Realized that this may be off topic here. Please reply under [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy J5 2015 (j5nlte) /e/OS Q .
Thanks, P.