[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (noblelte) eOS Q-build

A new Q-build for the Galaxy Note 5 (noblelte) users.
Please make a backup first, for this is an untested build. Please share your experience…


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I’ve tried installing it and I’m stuck on boot screen any help??

Please fix booting issue

Sorry I forgot to post the feedback here as were … There ya go.
Charging is good and battery life is hard to judge now as I’m doing a heavy use so that I will comment about later , no issues transferring files to tv or other android devices via BT. Or Wifi direct, no issues with cam (vid or pics both fine) casting via browser or apps have no issues at all yet screen mirroring not working ( I think it’s due to the device being degoogled but not sure) overall it’s a fit for day to day use I’m quiet happy with the experience and if any issues popped up I will update it here


Installed it on a SM-N920I and changes it to SM-N920C

Phone calls seems to work well with audio.
Bluetooth connects to speaker and don’t notice any audio lag.
Camera works well.

Apps can’t install F-Droid. Manual Apk install of F-Droid shows F-Droid having empty home page without all the normal recent / popular apps. It’s just a white blank page. F-Droid sometimes can’t install programs - it just returns to “Install” despite clicking the Install button before.

If F-Droid is able to download, install, and open a program, then it seems the programs doesn’t stick and it disappears and you have to download it again.

Hi I have MODEL = SM- N920W8

will this build work on it ?

also do anyone have download link for the build ?

Link is dead, builder don’t post since 14 déc. 2021.

only a /e/ user of this device can now reshare the build he got.

your device is not noblelte but nobleltebmc, i don’t know if a nobleltexx build could include nobleltebmc.

but i have seen some builds on xda…